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  1. WOW it wasnt that bad to be filtered! i didnt cuss or anything.....ouch
  2. well Ill say this, you didnt have to be a ...apparently someone is not a morning person....the world is running off XP....so ill say....XP and its a Lexmark printer....but that has nothing to do with it...it is a windows printing choice somewhere.....thanks though
  3. Basically what is going on...when i setup an Envelope to be printed...and the printer has envelopes...and i choose envelopes...it will not print the envelopes without me going to the printer to hit go.....it used to do it automatically....what is going on?
  4. Really? no one has experienced this? millions of people in the world..i cant be the only one
  5. but unfortunately it only happens to a few documents..like 3 out of 100
  6. I have a user that when she prints from a certain excel sheet it always defaults to 4 copies....why and how do you fix that? you can change it to 1...it stays...once you close the document and re-open it defaults back to 4 copies!
  7. Well thanks for referring me to a school...lol i meant any online tutorials? anything that can help now...lol
  8. I need a database or need to know how to make a database in Access that holds Pictures. does anyone know how or know where I can learn this? i also in the long run want VB to be able to pull info from this database
  9. unfortunately i have to produce this in JAVA>....do you have any site that can show me more in excel for the future
  10. Is there not a programming forum here? or anyone that can help?
  11. I need to know how to write in JAVA an app or console that will take in grades and give an average...also will throw an exception if the grade entered is below 0 and above 100....anyone know where I can get help with that?
  12. no, they have them setup to download
  13. we have noticed on our network, if a user doesnt install their windows updates in a timely manner it seems that they install themselves. but in that process for some reason it creates a new profile for the person who logs onto that machine. so instead of loggining into their profile, they end up logging into another one with a dot and network after. so example joe smith's profile was jsmith...after the updates there is a new one jsmith.network name......this is added and leaves the other one, however you cant log into the other one unless you delete the new one it created. sometimes the delet works sometimes it comes back...any ideas?
  14. Ive noticed nothing but issues with the new IE7. I turned off the tab feature. it seems that he new IE is a serious system hog and bogs down everything I do. I am very tempted to uninstall and reinstall 6.0
  15. I unfortunately am on the classic skin
  16. :crash: :help: My media player seems to be stuck in BLACK AND WHITE How do you fix this, please help. thanks
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