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  1. What is the actual speed? 2.4 x 2? 2.4 x 4? front side 1033 x 2? 1033 x 4?
  2. yea thats the problem...not many people do still use 98.....i have tried to download an administrators driver type item from their site...but it asks to setup driver profiles? huh? i have no idea what that means..on my XP machine...it installs (using same drivers from print server) and works fine...all drawers and functionalities are available....im lost
  3. I have a user..using Windows 98 (unfortunately) printing to a Lexmark T640 network printer. she needs to setup certain documents for drawer 2. when you attempt to do this, drawer 2 has a little NO sign (no smoking sign) over it and says it is unavailable, or conflicted. there are 4-5 other users that are on Windows 98 and can use this printer for any drawer...she can only see drawer 1...why is this? any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! D uninstall-reinstall and reboot have been done....
  4. Thats funny...found that same link..and no they are not... :crash:
  5. like I said...what is funny is they show under her profile with-in Documents and settings...but not in IE....how would I import them back to IE. or how does this happen?
  6. Re-adding would be easy if there wasnt over 50+
  7. all of a sudden I have a user who lost their Internet favorites. they are still there and functioning under documents and settings...but they do not show when they open IE? how can this be? and how can this be corrected? Thanks in advance :crash:
  8. i will not be able to try anything further till after 6PM ET today Thanks
  9. ok, the weirdest thing is happening now. I attempted step 2 of that website...it fails on all accounts, will not find or install any of the files it is supposed to. but, and I say BUT...IE 7 works after i attempt to do that repair install of IE6? BUt and once again I say BUT...after a reboot....IE will not open again....i will try the MSCONFIG suggestion tomorrow...any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated...I have already begun the backup process of my important items....since a rebuild may be coming.... im going to bed..ill look at the posts in the morning...Thank you all for y
  10. :crash: Everything seems to be giving me the error now...i cant uninstall anything, I cant even search...HELP
  11. Thank you for your help currently I am trying Method 1: Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x Repair for Windows XP from http://www.theeldergeek.com/repair_ie6.htm From the Start menu, select Run. In the Open field, type sfc /scannow (Note: There is a space between sfc and /scannow) Select the OK button. Follow the prompts throughout the System File Checker process. Reboot the computer when System File Checker completes. after that I will begin to investigate further. how does Method 2 look on that page? does it seem like a legit next step? or should I try your method?
  12. unfortunately nothing new was installed but Microsoft's beta of LIVE...3d map viewing. but that has been uninstalled since. i also have Google tool bar...but that has always been there on the error...it gives me a details page but it is long enough to fill 1000 pages in Word...what should I do?
  13. I have a Dell laptop with XP pro SP2 installed. all of a sudden this evening IE will not open, it just pops up the box saying it has generated an error and must be closed...this was IE 6.0....i had had no previous problems. I went ahead and installed IE 7, figured why not..maybe it would repair the issue and update everything...BUT NO>..it still refuses to open...no good description on why. My wife was on a rental website when it first occurred. I need this issue corrected PLEase help!!! p.s. any help that doesnt require a full rebuild...would be great!!! Thanks in advance :crash:
  14. I know Im a little behind in the times, but I did just get my first MP3 player. now I was wondering what is the best way of getting the songs smaller to be put on there. I have a ton of mp3 songs, however they are all like 2000-5000 KB, now how do you fit 250 songs on a 512MB player if they are that big? can you compress or shrink them? thanks
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