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  1. To just take this to an easy question....are the drives jumpers set right one master, one slave...or both Cable select? it sounded like you were putting the O/S on the slave? so there is not master? that would cause issues :crash:
  2. the top level of this machine http://www.referenceguide.com/reviews/gatewayprofile4.htm
  3. :help: :crash: can anyone give me full details on this computer? Gateway Profile 4 PC I need to know the motherboard type and the Processor type. My mother in-law has one that was "beat up" I can salvage some parts but I want to build another machine with the saved parts. i have the memory and the processor. I need to know what I can install them into safely! Thanks
  4. only problem, my access point only has one port (cat5) :crash:
  5. so have a ethernet cable going from my Comcast modem to a router then into my desktop and into my access point? the laptop sees the access point now, but i have to reset my cable modem each time i want to go back and forth
  6. Thanks People!!!! I just got this!!! :beer:
  7. no one? my questions and calls for help always seem to surpass the advisors?
  8. I recently got a laptop with wireless 802. what ever, and it is a lynksys wireless. I have a Linksys 2.4GHz Wireless-G Access Point , I also have a desktop. now I want them both to be nice and share my internet, which is comcast broadband. I have the cabe that comes into my comcast modem then goes into my computer via USB (desktop) and into my PS2 with ethernet. now I will use the ethernet cable to connect to the Linksys 2.4GHz Wireless-G Access Point correct? then install a wireless card into the desktop? and the laptop should pick it upautomatically? how do I access the Linksys 2.4GHz Wireless-G Access Point to setup everything else? how do I get this all to work? am i close or way off? Thanks
  9. Obviously this isnt just any ordinary ethernet cable? will it say crossover? and will I have to do anything special or just go?
  10. Just wanted to know, if with out a router or wireless, can i connect 2 computers to swap files? maybe ethernet?
  11. uninstall, makesure all remnants of it are gone..(JV16 tool) or(cleanup) (ccleaner) and then reinstall....or get rid of AOL...They sux
  12. best I can do at work....http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=htt...GLD:en%26sa%3DN Search for m7viq
  13. Thats what Im saying............ :help:
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