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  1. I do hope when you went from dialup to DSL you also added a firewall/router. it could very well be that CV or winodws firewall is working overtime blocking and allowing stuff in and out. Just somthing to think about. as a rule never live without a router/firewall when conected to the internet 24/7
  2. did you check your bios for wake on ?? disable all of that if you have not done so.
  3. an oem recoverory partition F2 or F10 on boot up, more than likly. it will just wipe and reinstall all the oem stuff, you may want to check the bios also, it may be best to see if you can remove it from there if nothing in it is needed/wanted.
  4. hummm just built mine last week My test I am raid0 128K stripe I got some cleaning to do but heck I am still playing with the OS and MB
  5. breakdownsounds.zip found that somewhere but just keep it backed up
  6. Not on it's own partition but physical drive you may in fact lose performance if it is on the same HD but different partition put it on an HD that just stores data
  7. VoptXP is what I am using fast and seems to work well I batch defrag every day
  8. A bit harsh try SFC /scannow have your XP CD handy and you will need to re-update and (SP1) just a sec.... Dose this happen in both view states for explore classic and or common task ?
  9. This may help http://www.kellys-korner-xp.com/xp_tweaks.htm Line # 162 on the page
  10. Yep good board and CPU are you planing SATA with raid? Video hum well my FX 5200 128 megs of ram is nice but I am looking for a better one got to get a game first to make up my mind my brother is twisting my arm for earth and beyond anyone playing that? wkavery I read reviews that said the opposite best bang for the buck OC's to 3.2 gigs or was that 3 lost the review but it's running great for me..
  11. this is the fastest way to get no response at all here. Please help us help you with W98 and IE 5.5 yep it does make a big diff
  12. Download Size 800 KB Download Time 2672 ms Receive Buffer 256960 KB Transmission Speed 2516 Kb/s Upload Speed 242 Kb/s what Modem are you using try that will get to the status page on the modem if it has one
  13. http://www.aida32.hu/aida32.php try that
  14. Try this Disable all startups in msconfig goto the control panel system device manager select the CD and disable the auto insertion notification you may also need to disable your swap file if you have more than 32megs of memory if the swap file gets used it will restart defrag when the poll hits the CD it will restart the defrag hope this helps
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