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  1. I use AVG and do not have any "nag screens". What exactly is AVG nagging you to do or change?
  2. Are you able to download anything from the internet? Do you have programs such as Malwarebytes, if so do they still run fine? I find it strange that attempting to remove AVG to install a different anti-virus program would all of a sudden make your downloads not appear. Did you have other issues to make you want to get rid of AVG?
  3. I am a little confused with your wording in your last post. Are you saying that you are able to run the AVG removal tool and the program still will not remove AVG from add and remove list? Or are you saying that you try to download the removal tool then can not find it where you thought you saved it? Have you tried to uninstall AVG from safe mode? Do you have CC cleaner on your machine?
  4. Have you tried the AVG program remover from their website? AVG tools If you have a 32 bit computer try this remover.. 32 bit remover If you have a 64 bit computer try this remover..64 bit remover
  5. Spybot Home page You may want to undo your immunization in Spybot to see if this solves your problem. Another popular program that has this feature is SpywareBlaster. If you are using this program, turn the protection off on this program as well.
  6. I went ahead and downloaded IE 8 after the automatic reminder and had an issue with the program opening up in a timely matter (15 seconds or more to launch from desktop shortcut). I found out that there is an issue with Spybot's immunize feature. After disabling this IE 8 worked fine for me. Firefox is my main browser and I fool around with Opera as well. Having the IE tab add-on for Firefox means that I really never will use the main IE program. I like to make sure that all programs are up to date on my computer and downloaded this so called "critical update" to make sure I do not ge
  7. Did you sign up again after the accident? You need to re-register.
  8. Pinned forum link might be in order.. Thank you Radio for the image storage space!!
  9. Are you sure you do not have a corrupt ctf file? This has been an ongoing problem for AVG. Check out this link and give this solution a try.. http://freeforum.avg.com/read.php?12,14970...9709#msg-149709 Hope that helps you!!
  10. I am only trying to find out why a person ended up with a problem on their computer after taking due precautions. If I had the choice what content would have been in this post it would have been this.. I am Tea a trusted HJT advisor, And I can change the forum anyway I like.. So I choose that for anyone to receive help in regards to a virus or malware I require that you explain what protection you were using and if you were doing reasonable updates and following a reasonable regiment of layered protection. And these answers would be posted in a separate forum for everyone to s
  11. To Mark- Its not people in this forum blasting what I choose to use or not use. Its the people that say a certain program will let you down even after you take all reasonable precautions. Another way to put it would be this way.. Lets say you were a close friend and you came to me in person and you asked me this.. Hey Dave I just got the internet and I have heard about bad things happening on it. Any suggestions? Then when I ask "what do you want to do on the internet?" you reply.. I want to look at news, weather etc... but then you also hint that you also want to surf porn from time to t
  12. Just curiosity for wanting to know. Trying to find out why some people blast a simple but effective security program or routine when as stated in this post by another member that the most common failures I have ever seen are... 1) ignoring the Antivirus warning... 2) failure to update 3) having nothing at all installed 4) I bypassed my security In the case of teacup and her experience that day with Norton, If I had downloaded or done what you did that day with another antivirus or malware layered system would I have achieved your same fate?
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