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  1. One, my recycle bin is emptyed daily, two: I have never heard of xp having a small limit on partitions, 3 my other drives are defragged regulary, four: two drives are ide and the g drive is <darn, just got off work and cant remember what my g drive is, have more and more of these old people moments>. Five: I have run all of nortons disk utilities and it finds nothing wrong with it. and six: I didnt tell it to mark off the bad sectors, plus the drive is only a couple months old. And lastly I am not sure what you want me to send a link of? Whew, lots and lots of ideas, thanks
  2. Description Your Results Common Name Windows XP SP1 Full Version Windows XP 5.1.2600 Service Pack 1 First Install Wed Apr 24 2002 Free Resources 90% Fonts Installed 297 Windows Scripting Version CPU Load 0% Running ProgramsMalicious or poorly written running programs are a common cause of poor performance and system instability. We strongly recommend that you use an antivirus program such as Panda and a spyware scanner such as Pest Patrol on a regular basis. Click on a file name to see more information about it. Legend: Virus Spyware/Adwa
  3. It says: Disc 4_Vol1 (G) (layout) partition (type) basic (File System) NTFS (Status) Healthy (Capacity) 114.49 GB (Free space0 26.73 GB (% free) 23 (Fault Tolorence) No (Overhead) 0. Thanks again.
  4. Tried that, dosnt say anything about unallocated memory. It is hooked up to the motherboard. Started out with 120 gig, but I download a lot of large files and just thought I had a lot of stuff still on it. Cleaned it up and downloaded some utilities to check how big the directorys on it were and found out I have about 75 gig missing. I have a directory called system volume information that shows as empty but it wont let me open it or delete it. I dont remember seeing a directory with that name on the other hard drives. Thanks for the suggestions.
  5. I have a 3 hard drive and the 3rd one is 120 gig, I only show 21 gig in files and 26 gig free space, mostly downloaded MP3 books and DVDs, I am missing about 70 gig of storage space and cant find it. I have checked with everything I can think of to see where it went bu so far no go. Anyone got any ideas. Thanks
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