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    FX53 production date 4/12<br>Asus SK8V<br>2 (512) Corsair XMS 3200LL RE Cas 2 <br>2 (samsung 120 gb 8mb cache ) RAID 0<br>Nec 2500A 8x DVD Burner<br>TEAC 48x 16x CDRW DVD <br>ATI 9800 Pro ( I've preordered a 800XT from www.aacdirect.com ) <br>
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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong But doesn't the EVGA manual say you can use the 4 pin on the left side of that 8 pin connector? That may not be ideal but it still should work. In that pic it does look as if that cap has been bent slightly.
  2. I plunged into the LCD market just this last Christmas. I had been using a 21" CRT, but I moved over to a SAMSUNG 225BW Black 22" 5 ms (GTG) DVI Widescreen LCD Monitor. I have been thouroughly impressed. I play many games including Guild Wars, CS:Source, Battlefield 2 and 2142. There is no ghosting. The picture is great and web browsing is a joy It's native resolution is 1680x1050. So to truely appreciate the monitor you need to play your games at that res. If the monitor has to dither down to a different resolution the image will of course will not be as good as on most other LCD's. So you need a good video card as well so your frame rates won't suffer.
  3. The 965 NB is one hot mother! I had originally ordered a HSF for it, but it was back ordered. I ended up ordering a Swiftech MCW30 Won't get it until Friday, but maybe I'll be able to push this beat a little farther
  4. This SILVERSTONE SST-TJ07 is one of the really nice cases that screams water cooling. It has two bays for PSU's as well. Notice the two 120mm fans in the top. This is a PERFECT place for a dual radiator. I've thought about this case as well. So many good choices
  5. I have the original CM stacker. However recently I have been thinkning of getting a new case. I have my eye on this one: The Thermaltake MozartTx It screams USE WATERCOOLING!! Love the idea of both sides opening and my six year old could probably put a swingset in there My stacker :
  6. My latest attempt 17665 I need to get a second GTX and a Quad duh
  7. I like modding cases and always look at potential for watercooling.The SILVERSTONE SST-TJ07 has the dual 120mm fans in the top oof the case. Thats where the dual radiator and fans would go. perfect. On the Gigabyte case, the dual 120's are on the rear and thats where I would mount the radiator, the case was meant for water as it already has 2 rubber sealed wholes for 1/2 inch tubing The Gigabyte would be my solution for lack of money The SilverStone would be my first choice. With the fastest card available, nVidia at the moment. Rumor has it that the nVidia 8950 GX2 will come out as ATI releases thier next card. Yup two G80 Cores on one card. Just a day after we uncovered the existence of NVIDIA's GeForce 8950 GX2 and GeForce 8900 GTX, our friends in Taiwan confirmed the news. The GeForce 8950 GX2 is a dual chip card based on a new 80 nanometre G80 chip, probably codenamed something else. Both GX2 GPU's are clocked at 550MHz and the difference is GDDR4. The card comes with twice 512MB of 256-bit GDDR4 memory clocked at 2000MHz. The card has 96 shaders, per chip and it will be priced at $600. But that isn't all of the refresh coming from NVIDIA, along with the new shrinked G80 chip will come some extra products to fill the market and go head to head with the Radeon X2800 series. How soon before we run two of those in SLI?
  8. AMD's Barcelona quad comes out very near that time frame. Feature .........................................................Current AMD CPUs.................Barcelona SSE execution width............................................64 bits wide....................128 bits wide Instruction fetch bandwidth................................16 bytes/cycle.................32 bytes/cycle Data cache bandwidth....................................2 x 64 bit loads/cycle..... 2 x 128 bits loads/cycle L2 cache/memory controller bandwidth................64 bits/cycle....................128 bits/cycle Floating-point scheduler depth.....................36 dedicated x 64-bit ops.....36 dedicated x 128-bit ops AN AMD engineer was quoted as saying with the improvements to the chip that the Barcelona will be 30 to 40% faster than the Kentsfields<<< take with a grain of salt plz However thats at the same clock speeds and I don't believe in a minute the chips will overclock like the Conroes or Kents.
  9. Hi, I've looked at two case recently. The GIGABYTE GZ-FA1CA- and the if money isn't an issue my preffered choice: SILVERSTONE SST-TJ07 Both have huge potential for modding ie water cooling.
  10. I'll be getting one of those q6600's if thats really near the pricemark. MT stuff gets here tomorrow Tracking Number Issued: 3/9/2007 7:21:10 PM ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Item Description Quantity 19-115-003 CPU INTEL|C2D E6600 2.4G 775 4M R 1 13-128-012 MB GIGABYTE GA-965P-DS3 P965 775 1 20-227-139 MEM 1Gx2|OCZ DII800 OCZ2P800R22GK R 1
  11. HI Guys Went with the DS3 because of money ATM lol BTW you guys read that the q6600 will be out near July at about $300!!! LOL Poor AMD
  12. Hello everyone, Just got done reading a few posts, apparently a long time ago several people had wondered where I had run off to.... Family had some major medical issues. Everyone is fine now, although at times it was pretty rough. Kind of killed the killer pc thing for me for a couple of years. Money was pretty tight and my heart just wasn't into it. Just now getting back into it. What prompted me to read the Pitstop again is I'm upgrading this week. It will be a slow process to start, but hey I miss it Starting off with an e6600 running on DangerDen water cooling. This weeks specs LOL more as money becomes available. e6600 cpu Gigabyte DS3 2 gig OCZ DDR2 800 4,4,4,15 ram eVga 8800 GTX I lost one of my Raptors, so disk system won't have RAID yet, but I will get there eventually. The plan is to run the e6600 at 3.6 Ghz
  13. It's a Cooler Master "Stacker"You can see it at the link above for the add ons Here is a direct link CM Stacker
  14. HI, www.frozencpu.com has both instock right now Here is the linkage!
  15. For what's worth I finally got my system put together http://home.ma.rr.com/silverback/frontlit.jpg http://home.ma.rr.com/silverback/frontnonlit.jpg http://home.ma.rr.com/silverback/cpult.jpg http://home.ma.rr.com/silverback/lit.jpg
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