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  1. Other Generation: AWESOME. i am glad that MS's virtual machine cleared up your problem that you had. My 1st actual info that someone took and allowed it to help them out....I FEEL PROUD... EclipseWEBJS2: her drive may just be an older one and runs slow with a small buffer; PCPITSTOP INFO:"Older drives run at 5400RPM and only have 2MB of onboard buffer, which can make them much slower. (To find out the specifications for your drive, go to the drive vendor's site and search for the model number. The model number of your drive can usually be found in your disk details or hardware list.) " H
  2. seems like your getting info from all over the place... hope something works soon let us know where your at on this problems if you can.
  3. Here is info that may help: FOr my freinds Sony PC i used this to help get driver problem fixed: FOr F6 drivers - There should be a "txtsetup.oem" file and 3 others, ...cat, ...inf, and ...sys. that will easily fit on a floppy. following info found here: Xtreme Computing Raid 0 Set up Instructions By Xtreme Computing Here is a full description of how to install RAID. (You Should Cut and Paste this to word and print it) When the drives arrive and you have installed them to their SATA connections: 1) Get your Motherboard Manual 2) Start PC and enter BIOS 3) Look in
  4. other generation: Honestly i can say that it can be unistalled. uninstall info here: uninstall info for microsoft VM when ur site if up do please let me know how ur comp acts with the new VM installed on it.
  5. what happens when you download it from here,install it and then open your MSN account? MSN Instant Messenger
  6. Other Generation: Here is the site i got my VMachine from bout a year ago and have had no probs with as of yet. 1st you will need to uninstall SUn Virtual Machine java which you are running now. If you have problems after installing this "new microsoft virtual machine" then you can always uninstall it and reinstall the original sun virtual machine that you had.This page i am sending you to has a link to SUn virual system as well. --------------------------------------------------------------- In the following link sCroll down to "NEW" and open that page. Be sure to rEAD th
  7. Intel Guy: I was able to get rid of ULEad Photo by hacking the reg. but i still have HL2, Dummy and Logon Studio in my "open with" menu. I looked for and in all of the places you suggested and only found ULead to be in one of the files. Every other nuisance was not in those files that you gave to look in nore were the programs that i want to keep in there. Thanks for the help. I will go in and look else where when i have time. Is there maybe some other place in the Reg that some of these files may be? If any other advise ....my ears are open.
  8. you guyz are awesome..i am headed off to church now when i get in i will try this out..!!
  9. if you would rather try Virtual Machine i can get it to you quite easily via a download site.
  10. thanks but I tried that and that is not what i want to do. i want to add/delete my options to what i can use to open a file via the "open with" menu that comes up when i choose to open a file. my menu allows me to use HL2, dummy and another program that has no reason for being in the "open with" menu. I want to add Photoshop to that list but i dont know how. please look at this link to see what "open with" menu i am talking about here..open with menu thanks for all the help. i hve been searching on my own but havent found anything as of yet.
  11. I will assume this is the right board seeing that her specs listed match up with this: k7sem board If that is right than she will need to use PC100 or PC133. I have a stick of 64 and of 128 both are pc100. If she doesnt need to match sticks then one of these should work for her. Were you running XP pro before your son worked on it? If so do you remember having Java installed on it before he worked on it? PCPitstoppers: it may be that the Java is throwing her for a loop and not so much the RAM. I have had issues with java as well and had to uninstall and use MS
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