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  1. Im going to try and get the Hjt log off the computer with the pci card when my brother gets him as im on his computer and im stuck in a limited account and hopefully my floppy drive will work on his account as he is admin
  2. I have HJT and know how it works, But how do i get it downstairs
  3. No i didnt run it.. It was strange i just came home and i sat down clicked msn messenger and it goes please check your connection... Then i coulnt do anything needing the internet
  4. It used to work so i doubt it but i checked anyway it is recieveing and sending packets
  5. Ok first off there are no conflicts,noquestion marks in Device manager2nd I was given advice from another forum to manuelly Put in my ip... etc and i did still no go.. As i said above theres something wrong with my computer with the pci card, or my router (But this problem occured when i had a belkin router..... The only reason i have a dlink router is becuase i Returned everything to Pc world but pc world had No belkin routers left). Is this worth a reformat???
  6. Really im a noob to all this,........... All i know is the Dchp is not being recieved by my upstairs computer...... What could be causeing this....... The Dchp on my upstairs computer is already set to automatic... I cant get a screenshot of it as my floppy on this computer is bust... Because it is like 10 years old
  7. Its already set up, Becuase i got the router about a week ago.
  8. I now have a D-Link router and im trying to compare the layout to what you have described and.. Theses are the options I get when i go into settings/setup http://www.c-2-r.com/images/untitled453.JPG I selected DHCP Configuration And this screen came up http://www.c-2-r.com/images/untitled456.JPG It was already on. I couldnt find the second Settign you were talking about Images converted to links due to size, Y kawika http://pcpitstop.ibforums.com/index.php?act=boardrules
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