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  1. If you are looking for something simple and works great I would take a look at the Apple Airport Express. The nice thing is if you get an airport express you can buy an airport extreme later on and link them together. You also have the option to use airtunes. Just an idea. I know they are Apple products but when it comes to the internet they are all using the same standard and will all work together. Apple Airport Express only has one port in it as well.
  2. I liked almost all of them but I really liked the Antec P182 case. I like having the front case door that hides the drive bays and I am not one to have tons of lights and flashy items in or near my case. I liked that the Antec case looked sleak, simple and it looked nice without standing out. Maybe I shoud splurge a little and buy the Antec case. Thanks for the suggestions.
  3. Guess Kenny took the day off today and decided not to show some cases. What do you guys think of the choices so far? Still having a hard time deciding on motherboard. PS. Got tax check today will deposit in bank tomorrow and hopefully have these parts narrowed down enough to order in a couple days. Still working on it though.
  4. Thanks for your suggestions so far everyone it helps when trying to narrow things down. Those are some nice looking cases elkiddo and kenny I await some of your case choices.
  5. @Kenny: Just out of curiousity why did you pick the Abit board over the ASUS formula? I won't be overclocking much....that is why I picked the Patriot sticks. As for cases....you can't say there are better out there and then not show a couple. I won't be using crossfire or SLI as I only believe in using one graphics card for my needs.
  6. Tax money should be coming in this week so I am almost ready for this purchase but I still need some help on which motherboard to get. Edited first post to reflect changes in parts decision. So what motherboard should I choose out of the few that I have listed?
  7. I know there are more then three computer enthusiasts at the pit.....so anymore suggestions? Thanks for the suggestions so far guys....keep them coming.
  8. That is what I thought.....figured I would make sure. Any suggestions on motherboard because that choice is the one giving me the most grief?
  9. Is there a difference if I bought 1333mhz ram instead of 800mhz if I'm not overclocking? Wouldn't the ram be running the same speed as the processor then since the fsb is 1333mhz? Do you guys have any suggestions on maybe a different motherboard that I didn't list or do you think I should stick with the IP 35Pro? Thanks for the link el kiddo I am checking that ram out as we speak. Unfortunately for me I don't know anywhere in Canada that sells Geil ram so I might be limited to the OCZ ram. I will take a look though.
  10. Thanks caintry_boy...good to see you too. What is the difference between the Abit IX38 Quad GT and the IP35Pro? I saw that Bruce was running an e6600 quad core with the Intel board that is why I mentioned it. I wonder what kind of problems people were having? I will have to google it. Maybe they were just having overclocking issues.
  11. Why would you suggest the IP35 pro over the Intel board?I put the Intel board on there because I heard they were supposed to be one of the most stable boards plus I won't be overclocking or using SLI. Just wanting to hear your reasoning for your answers. I heard that the Corsair PSU that I listed was quiet and good quality plus this one is about $40 cheaper then the PCpower and cooling. I looked at the OCZ but I thought the Patriot sticks had better timings for a little more. I could be wrong. I would like a Nvidia card so I think I will stick to the 8800gt. Thanks for your inpu
  12. Hello guys, I will not be overclocking. I live in Canada so all my prices will be in Canadian. I need a new main pc as the one I am using now is a little old and is socket 939. I decided to go Intel this time and since I have been an AMD fan for so long I am a little rusty on Intel parts. I will not be using SLI but I like Nvidia so I would like to stick with them. I have a few parts in mind but would like your guys' opinions and they are as follows: CPU: Intel Quad Core 9450 Penryn $378 CPU Heatsink: Scythe Ninja Plus REV.B Heatpipe $45 Any suggestions on maybe a smal
  13. If you are having spikes maybe it has to do with Norton blocking some of the traffic or trying to scan it as it passes. Try disabling them while playing the games and see if the problem happens again. If using a router make sure the ports the game requires are forwarded. Same with if you connect to a server to play the game....make sure the correct ports are forwarded for that also so that there are no conflicts.
  14. Ace07

    New Machine

    Nice system......with 1tb of space and 4 gigs of ram what are you going to be using it for?
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