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    HD=35GB<br>512 RAM<br>1.67 GHZ AMD ATHLON XP 2000+<br>CDRW<br>DVD ROM

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  1. Thanks for the awesome help guys , much appreciated. I will get a new HJT log up and see where we can go from there. Here is the new HJT log with the thread links : http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?showtopic=143399
  2. Hey there, Just wondering if anyone would know why Sygate firewall panel will not be opened up ? The firewall is running since i see the Smc.exe in the taskmanager but the logo does not come up on the toolbar and the panel will not pop up once double clicked. Its a pain in the neck since ever since this happened it has blocked access to just about every bit of software that requires internet access like Firefox, Internet exploxer, online games etc So i have to use safe mode for any kind of internet access. Was thinking of reinstalling it but this pc has another problem of not being able to install any programs anymore. If someone would know how to delete Sygate manually do you think the windows firewall would be safe enough to use alone as a firewall ? Any advice is appreciated P.S Have tried spy bot, ad aware, avg, panda and trend micro virus scanners
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