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  1. Well to be completely honest with I have bought office 2007 for a whole 22$ (if you have a .gov or .mil email adress google office 2007 military and you can get also) I myself thinkit was a waste of 22$. I had office xp prior and liked it alot more. It took me about 5 min to figure out how to print in the new format. also i have noticed (mainly in excell) that when I go to open a file the excel page opens but no data on it just blank if I let it sit for like 5 min it will pop up (not a computer issue... c2d oced to 3.4 2 gig ram 8800gtx) or I can just hit the minimize button and it will min th
  2. I use winpatrol and have for years. It is very nice if you are picky about what you want to run at startup. Can be a pain if you install a new piece of software as it will pop up constantly asking if you want this or that to run at startup... But in the end when you get it all setup it works great. many times have I been at some of the not so safe websites and all of a sudden scotty pops up.. something from the website was trying to add to my processes.... Oh no, scotty says.... do you want to do this. Also if you are switching from say free office to microcrap office it will ask you for each
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