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    Custom built 3.0GHz P4, OC'd to 3.7GHz Stable, Heavily modded, 2 SATA 120 HD's on Promise FT S150 TX2Plus, 4 120 IDE HD's, 2 on the promise, 2 on-board, All in raid-0. Actual Drive Letters are C: D: E: F:, DVD 4x-CD+-RW, DVD/CD-RW 52x24x52, EXOS Water cooler. New system comming up in a week or so :)
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  1. You "DO HAVE" spyware/virus' on your system. none of those programs will get or detect all spyware/virus. The only way to clean it is to remove the drive from the system, and put it on as a second drive in another clean system, then scan with MS antispyware, and CA EZ-Antivirus. Get rid of zonealarm, AVG, S&D, adware, SpywareBlaster, and whatever other spy/virus/firewalls you have running. If popups continue then install Google Toolbar The only things you need are Antispyware, and 1 year free trial CA EZ-Antivirus I do this kind of work everyday for our customers. If you follow my advice to the tee, and you still have problems, then that means your OS is to far gone to save, and will need to be reloaded. :crash: Good Luck :beer: PS: Scratch the Antispyware from MS, it won't run on your system, you need windows 2000 or higher to run it. With that being said, leave adware and S&D on your system, and deffinatly install google toolbar. CA will run on 98, and you don't need zonealarm at all. A system that old would take to long for a real hacker to even mess with, and i doubt that your running some major multi-billion $$$ company with it anyway. So whats the point of wasting your resources on a firewall. it just slows you down even more. If you can, add another 256MB of ram. you'll see a big increase in your system with that cheap upgrade alone. Also, if you haven't reinstalled 98se in the last 6 months, then its time for a reinstall anyway, 98's only good for about the first 3-6 months befor it starts acting up, most people just don't notice it till they can't do things anymore... hence they run it for 1-2 years until it just totaly breaks down and won't run.
  2. Both are good mobo's, but i have herd the DFI's chipset fan can cause problems with the video card choice you go with, as it gets in the way with some vid cards. I have the MSI neo4 SLI and its layout is alot better then the DFI, also you have the extra 4 SATA's on the MSI board that you don't get on the DFI. IMO, i would recommend the MSI. :beer:
  3. I looked at that memory too sho, but decided to wait till i seen someone else try it out first. It didn't show PQI as compatible memory for the SLI boards, but now that i know i may order some myself.
  4. Thanks IanG Sounds like you will have a very good system as well
  5. update, I ordered the MSI K8N Neo4 SLI and the AMD64 3500+ Win. Found the best price for both at ZZF. Also ordered the MSI PCI-E 6600GT from newegg, and already have the second msi card here at work to setup SLI mode Memory will be my 1GB OCZ 3200 EL 2-3-2-6 that i'll pull from my 3.2E system. I ordered 1GB 512x2 kingmax for 113.00 at newegg to replace the OCZ in my 3.2E since im not OC'ing that system, it should run just fine with the value memory The only thing left now is to order 2 more 36.7GB raptors for 4 in raid0 $226.00 is the best price i can find on 2 of them, anyone know where i can get them cheaper?
  6. thanks for the fast replies, i'll be going with the 939 3500+ win and im looking at $165.00 for the gigabyte GA-K8N Ultra-SLI nForce4 mobo. Though, im thinking i should spend $10 more and go with the MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum/SLI nForce4. Any ideas, or comments on the mobo's?
  7. Im looking at 2 AMD CPU's The 3500+ winchester Socket 939 Or the 3700+ Clawhammer Socket 939 Which would be the better CPU for OC'ing? Also, is it the mobil cpu's the have the mult unlocked, if so which ones? I'd like to order this late tonight, so any help as to which one would be better, or even an alternative AMD 64 for around $300.00 or less would be great. Thanks, Markdm
  8. Ok, i'm looking at two mobo's #1 GA-K8NU 165.00 And the #2 DFI UT NF4 Ultra 147.00 Now the problem is this: the GA-K8N SLI has 1600FSB and supports SLI, plus comes with the SLI bridge. The DFI has 2000FSB, it can support SLI if i mod it and i get one now that hasn't been locked out or changed, but finding the SLI bridge is next to impossible. Knowing the SLI doesn't show that much of an inprovment, would the DFI board be a better choice for OC'ing then the GA mobo? Or should i go with the GA K8NU SLI with a lower FSB, but have all the features + 4 extra SATA's? Thanks for the help :beer:
  9. not bad, but i would still pay the $16.00 differance at newegg for the peice of mind knowing i have someone to fall back on. Besides, the penny you save now may just come back to bite you in the a$$
  10. You might give the place i work a try. Dymin computer systems you can configure pretty much what you want on a system, or go with pre-configed ones.
  11. I have the 3.2E prescott, if your cooling with water or better, then the prescott is a good chip, just not by pit test scores. However, i personally would recommend the 3.0C 30cap(if you can find one) or 3.2C, as both run a lot cooler, and allow a good amount of OC'ing on the IC7 mobo. Unless you know how to hack your reg. to use the 1MB cache, XP only uses 512K by default. So the other 512K just sits there idle all the time. If your looking for better pit scores, then a 3.xC version will seem to out do the prescott's but in all reallity the prescott handle the loads much better then the northwoods do. It just a matter keeping the thing cool cool cool.... I run H2O, and maintain temps at 24C idle to 34C full gamming load on the 3.2E for hours on end. As you can see from the last pit comp, I OC'd to 4200 with my 3.2E without changing the multiplier. I actually think mine is locked, but i'll have to play with it now and see. Good luck on thatever you decide, hope this info helps... :santagrin:
  12. don't know if you got your problem fixed or not, but i had the same thing happen on my is-7 abit mobo with the latest bios, the way i fixed it for the most part was to downgrade to the next lower bios. after that it seemd to run fine for the most part. the actual problem on mine was the board was not intended to run a 3.2e CPU, from the factory. the bios was a fix to allow it to do so. at stock speed it worked great, but when OC'd it would revert back to defaults @2800MHz in the bios after a couple of reboots. hope that helps. Got a new Abit IC7-G and all works great now. 8th place in the OC comp, 3rd in the OC Intel section
  13. Im taking it you have the gigabyte mobo. So yes you can use both at the same time. :santagrin: :beer:
  14. Its true about the price being close to the same for a 6800, but the 6600gt uses DDR3 memory, and actually out clocks the 6800, at least the XFX version does. you can also open up the other 4 or 5 pipelines that are closed on the 6600gt too, if you know how. 6600GT @ 500/1000 6800 @ 325/700 And in the pit tests anyway, your clock speed makes a big differance.
  15. True, but that SLI /PCIe board isn't released yet from Asus. I think there talking a 1st quarter release of 05 on that board.
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