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  1. "The Xbox released a year after. So what if PS2 isn't up to spec in hardware, it's competing with Xbox and that's all that matters. The Xbox cleary has it beat in technology." Again, tech doesn't matter, neither system uses it's specs. Neither even touch thier capabilities. Same as my PC is faster than yours. "PS2 has more games because the Playstation has been around much longer. That's what happens when you get in the game late. The games that Xbox does have are great. You can always find a Xbox game that is similar to or just as fun as a PS2 game" Not true! Even if the PS2 came out at the same time, it would still have more games. Since the XB has come out, PS2 has more than 5x the amount that XB has released. "The hard drive is now a must for me. Whoever said to use their PC instead obviously never plays Xbox AND PS2. With the factory hard drive, it's enough to hold over 100 songs and have practically unlimited saves. Needing to swap multiple memory cards on the PS2 is a pain when you're used to the convenience of the hard drive" I play plenty of games on consoles. There is no need, what-so-ever for a HD in a console. Why would I want songs on my console? Again, how many games are you gonna save on a console HD? Also consider what type of games you're going to play. PS2 has a wide variety. GC is geared toward kids. (still fun though) XB has PC games, mostly FPS and plat.
  2. The specs are all a load of crap. Not one of the 3 major systems uses all it's potential. As far as the machine durability, they are all the same. Does everything you buy always work perfect? My PS2 went about a year ago, got it fixed for free in 2 days. I know plenty of people with no problems at all. GC, (don't play to much), never had a problem, but others have. XB, same deal. XB controller is heavy and unorganized. PS2 has best controller made! Don't throw it though! Doesn't stand up like the old ones. Who cares about the HD! You do have a PC right. Why do you need 2? How many games do you really need to store on a console HD? You will see Fable on the PC as soon as the sales on it dip. Shouldn't be long before a release is set for PC. PS2 has a million games, 6 of 10 suck, the other 4 of 10 are incredible. XB has 10 games! PS2 game prices also drop very quickly because of this. As mentioned before, support for, and in games for PS2 is far superior, and the sales speak for themselves!
  3. Have U Wogified your homm III yet? If not, it is a must. It gives you a whole new set of games to play!!!!
  4. Do you play Heroes of M&M? If so, have you checked out the WOG stuff?
  5. Check that memory issue. Radeons run very hot. Does your card have a built in fan. If so, is it working properly. The card itself could be the issue for the heat problem.
  6. Check out this link. http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/version20.html Does that seems like anything that is going on. I had a similar problem with ME & Norton. It seems that norton does not get along with ME very well. (along with many other things, video related in particular) There could also be a conflict with Norton & the Vettray thing.
  7. R you talking about videos within games, or videos in general?
  8. Try running some spyware and A/V, also, how old is the machine?
  9. Didn't work. Said there is already a current version.
  10. There is no way to fix it. I just did a reinstall/format, and nothing changed.
  11. firecracker, I ran through that a couple of times, but had no success. I thought it was going to work, but the only thing that changed was my homepage. Still locked out of toolbar. IntelGuy, I just did a reinstall of spybot, ran it, checked the setting you mention, but to no avail. I'm gonna' post my HJ and see if anyone picks out anything. The only thing on there that I know sends me crap is the DAP. I'm not to worried about that though, I've been running that forever and this just happened. You never know though.
  12. Dan, Upgrading your memory is usually pretty easy to do. You will need a couple of things first. you need to find out what type of memory is in your machine now & match it. You can download this tool, http://home.comcast.net/~thebear1960/aida32pe_310.exe to find out what your whole system has. It's called AIDA32. Very neat stuff here. Once you download that, open up the AIDA32 program, in the right window, click on computer, and then summary. Under the motherboard heading you will see system memory. That is the type you will need. EX: PC3200 DDR SRAM You may also want to match brands. If you bought your system from Dell or something like that, you can call their support # or whatever and ask them. They can even ship you out the right memory. You can usually get it much cheaper online though. You also need to see how much memory your system can handle. If you post your test results from this site, (done at the home page), I'm sure someone can point you in the right direction. Installing it is usually pretty easy also. Directions might come with it, or you can find a how to online. As far as your HD question, what do you mean by the average length? If your talking about life expectantcy, a long long time.
  13. IntelGuy, I thought that was the move, but it didn't work. I did have some neato things happen with that though. I installed and tried to run........ IE freeze. Tried again, same thing, freeze up. I now have the super IE toolbar words greyed out when I R-Clk, it is also checked as if were running, which is odd, because I did an uninstall of it (super IE app), and my system shut down without notice. When it booted back up, it told me IE had been uninstalled from the computer. I thought I was set. Well, I go back into prog files, and it's still there, the taskbar icon just disapeared. Toolbar is still locked . I did find another intresting thing though. When I was in the super IE program trying to delete unwanted buttons, there was one that was labeled @shdoclc.dll,-866 According to a google search, this is an error message that needs to be fixed, (go figure), but why was it labeled as a button? Have to reasearch this more. If anyone knows about this, please fill me in. Thanks!
  14. BOL, I did see the uninstall option on my homepage, but was leary on using it. I assumed it would have just made things worse in the long run. I got it whe I was surfin' through my fantasy sports stuff on yahoo. That's where the cookie was sitting. stormy, I just checked off the isearch stuff and a few other things I knew I didn't need.
  15. Merlin, did that last night, it didn't fly. IntelGuy, taskbar is good to go, toolbar is the issue, if there is something like that for the toolbar, I could be in business. I tried the toolbar chest, but I'm asuming that since I never had a good toolbar setting to save, I can't restore it.
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