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    Hp a230n, 2.08ghz 512mb ram, 120hd, ati all in wonder 8500dv graphics card, dvdrw/cdrw
  1. Alright guys, thanks for helping, here is an update. I was able to hook the HD up to a usb to ide cable and see the contents of the drive. there was nothing on it worth keeping. So then I put the HD back in the computer and did a fresh install of windows. I deleted all partitions as you are supposed to before hand. I got the computer up and running properly. I started checking things out. I was able to connect to the internet and use the computer properly. then i started updating the computer with microsoft windows update. I downloaded 108 critical updates which is par for the course at this stage. then i was trying to install windows SP3 and it would not install. so i figure maybe i still needed some other updates before SP 3 which has happened to me on other machines. Then i was installing more critical updates then the computer said to restart after updates installed. I did that and then the computer booted up again (after working perfectly) the NTOSKRNL.EXE error message popped up again, and once again i cant get into windows and I am at square 1. ???? any ideas? what would make this happen again when the computer was back up and stable and runnning properly? Could it be a virus on the HD that a windows re-install didnt get rid of?? Any help would be appreciated. This is just crazy. thx
  2. thx for your help im going to buy a usb to ide and copy the data then do a fresh install of xp... if i have an xp install disc and the computer has the MS windows xp product key on the laptop can i just install xp using the product key that came with the computer or will i run into problems with the windows genuine advantage tool? or will it be one of those where i have to call in and get another cd key while installing? thx
  3. it shows where my installation is but the only options are to press enter for install of xp, d to delete partition or F3 to quit ?
  4. I got to this step (located below)... and then it redirects me back to the partition page, asking to install, delete partition or quit???? 4. In the Windows XP Licensing Agreement, press F8 to agree to the license agreement.
  5. I am unable to follow those instructions as i dont see those options. I have files that I really need. I am positive i have the necessary equipment to perform this fix, i just need to know how lol. I mean if every other option does not work, i know i can install windows again but then i will lose what is on my HD so that is my last, last resort. Any help i would appreciate it
  6. So i put in the disc, pressed a key to boot from disc, then after about a minute it goes to windows xp professional setup and then shows me my partitions and asks me if i want to delete the partitions and there are no options to press F8 and accept license agreement ?
  7. Thx, ill give it a go and see what happens.
  8. i have windows xp disc.....now what thx for your help
  9. HOW DO I boot from command prompt option I cannot seem to navigate to here?
  10. Ok, So I really appreciate all the help, however I am still confused and at square 1. If i dont have any recovery cds nor can I get into safe mode or into windows, is it possible to copy this file from somewhere (another PC, a windows xp install disc) and install it via dos or some other way which does not make for me to be in Windows ??? Thanks
  11. Where can i find that file? Is this something that can be copied into the file system via dos, because I cannot get into windows? Thanks,
  12. Can this be done with any windows XP install disc? Thanks,
  13. I dont have the recovery CD, Any other way to go about it? Thanks,
  14. I have an older model Dell Laptop. Every time I start the machine up I get the following error message... "Windows cannot start because the following file is missing or corrupt.... <windows root>system32\ntoskrnl.exe " If anyone has any input on how to fix this problem I would be very grateful for the help.
  15. yea thats it i downloaded the drivers for ethernet controller and it works for the rest which drivers do i use? for sm bus controller and usb controller? thx for all your help
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