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  1. jack7058 -- Im not questioning your answer but where did you find this information? Thanks for your help
  2. What do I do? Emachine Tech Support tells me it is "Extended Memory" problems and that I should put my restore cds in. Now, i admitt, i dont know much about computers but when I turn my computer on and try to get into safe mode, its like the monitor isnt plugged in, so I cant understand how the restore cds will eliminate the problem. So, it beeps 1-3-3-1, the monitor doesnt display anything, what could be wrong? Ram? Or maybe the mobo? Or even software? Thanks in advance, Todd
  3. Nope Avg wouldnt do anything with it. I tried to move it to the virus vault and was unable to do so. Couldnt delete it either!
  4. Anyone have any information on this virus? AVG picked up the virus while Panda and Trend didnt find anything. I have not found any information on removing this virus. Any help is much appreciated.
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