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  1. Seems like I can hit the 2400 fsb at times with ram set at 3-3-7, wich is factory settings for that memory. This Abit board of course is single channel , and it lacks a little in memory speed. I would like to soon try out Corsair's new 3200xl @ 2-2-5 and see what happens. Seems like I have seen it go to 500 mhz on fsb. and still hold the tight timings.
  2. Dummy me, forgot score!! http://pcpitstop.com/TechExpress.asp?id=V1...1X4LWC660MSNTGX
  3. Well I finally broke the 2000 mark, but what do you do for a crappy internet service provider? I have even gotten to the point of copying and sending them a picture of thier download bandwidth results, funny they never answer my e-mails??? lol well I hafta say this Pcpitstop is a lot of fun! well back to working on this system, got any advise on making it go faster??
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