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  1. katbloke

    Trying suse 10.2

    Thanks for the tips but as i say im a total newbie and all this /configure stuff is confusing the hell out of me
  2. katbloke

    Trying suse 10.2

    Hi guys, just installed suse 10.2 on my system as xp pro was driving me nuts, i am extremely new to linux but so far so good. The only thing i want to know is i have suse installed on a 20gig partition on my 160 gig drive but all my stuff aquired through xp pro is onviously on an ntfs partition, is there a way for suse to read/write to this ntfs partition, because if not unfortunately i will have to return back to xp. Many thanks. Graham. P.S. Have just downloaded fuse and NTFS-3G Read/Write Driver but i havent a clue as to where to begin to install these, idiots guide needed i think
  3. Just gone 11pm and i can now connect to mirc, now pipex must be screwing with me
  4. Apparently pipex homecall use same stuff as tiscali, wish i knew that before i signed up Btw only log i have of discons whats in the status window which ive copied and pasted already
  5. (17:58:59) * Connecting to torvalds.tech-touch.net (6667) (17:58:59) Local host: 88-***-***-***.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com (88-***-***-***) (17:58:59) -torvalds.tech-touch.net- *** Looking up your hostname... (17:58:59) -torvalds.tech-touch.net- *** Checking ident... (18:00:08) * Disconnected (18:00:09) * Connecting to apollo.wyldryde.org (6667) (18:00:09) Local host: 88-***-***-***.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com (88-***-***-***) Still no go on both of your servers
  6. I have everything like that enabled, but my connection is screwing with even connecting to mirc ive even forwarded port 6667 to help witht that it just says found username(cached) and refuses to carry on after a while it goes to 10053 software caused connection abort, ive read that when homecall throttle you they change your ip address but im still on 88.*.*.* indicating non throttled ip
  7. Hi guys, i recently changed from my pipex 1mb to pipex 8mb homecall now alls well and good in my router its saying i have 7.5mbps down and 485kbps up which is fine when seraching websites etc but when it comes to p2p software ie utorrnt its rubbish i can be connected to 80+ seeds and only get 1-2k. Now im aware of uk isps underhanded way of throttling ie fair usage policy but to knock off 7.49mbps is a tad extreme. Im tempted to jack my new isp in but heres the odd part, i havent yet received through the post any login details or anything now their tech support issued with my current username/password for my router which work, but when i use these to access my account on the homecall website it says username or pass incorrect. Now where would i stand regarding my 12 months contract if i basically have not received my details only the crappy free modem, something seems odd with my account if i cant access my account on their homepage. I also know if i phone their tech support regarding my low speeds they will say do this and that to the registry and scan for spyware viruses etc and this will be a waste of time as im typing this after a clean install on a brand new sata drive. Regarding utorrent all ports forwarded i get the green light, dht disabled and encryption enabled, all the same settings before i changed accounts. Any advice greatfully received many thanks.
  8. Hi chaps i have an annoying problem, went to work this morning leaving a file downloading using azureus, came home and found my download stopped, disconnected from irc and msn. These will all restart if i turn my router off then on again. Windows xp pro sp2, opera, mirc with acidmax and azureus. Router is a linksys befdsr41s (have also tried with a spare us robotics router(same problems)) My isp is pipex and they have said they can see my connection drops, bt have done line tests and can find nothing wrong. The only thing ive noticed is the downstairs bt box was missing a screw and the other was loose so i removed the cover all together and plugged the filter directly into the testing socket in behind. All filters have been changed the only thing i havent changed is the cable from the modem/router to the phone socket. That about covers hope someone has some ideas coz im now at a loss. Test Results Regards. [email protected]
  9. Yeh thanx IanG, my thoughts exactly but im limited as to size of cooler being a vaio case, some arctic silver heatsink paste on its way too, any ideas on a good cooler thats fairly smallin size?
  10. i have 2 x 512 ddr2700 crucial i think memory is fine but the thing is running so dammed hot even with build up of dust removed, gonna have to invest in some h/sink paste as i reassembled the thing without applying new, just relying on what was already there. complacent i guess what do you guys reccomend as normal running temp for athlon xp 2600?
  11. woohoo 24hrs later beeping has stopped after mass dedust, just reinstalling 2000 pro now so far all stable hmmm something still hot mb temp=53c/127f cpu temp= 76c/168f cpu fan 4687rpm powerfan=2057rpm
  12. vaios in bits typical chopped off pre built mobo crap, heatsink absolutely full of dust n :filtered: must clean and reassemble i guess power supply is also full of crap and now whole pc dissasembled with no h/sink paste handy dammit
  13. Sound about right thanx mate, i suppose the motherboard is an odd size though so i guess im screwed when and if it runs ill have to check out cpu temp, also its an asus board and my last one went t*ts up. Dam, just put my hand around the back of the pc and its fekkin hot, oh well install on hold gonna clean the thing out, will keep ya posted, this aint right coz other pc is stone cold and she runs 24/7
  14. HI chaps, long time no speek sorry about that. Anyways my sony vaio is playing up im trying to install a fresh copy of windows and at the set up screen im getting warning beeps from the pc, the beeps arent of any significant length, im wondering if maybe its a memory issue, i cannot post a pitstop result as yet. Sorry to be so vague right now but im trying to get this thing to install as i type. Vaio model no.PCV 7778 but with a gig of crucial pc2700 not the standard 256 it came with. Thanx in advance.Katbloke. First update:beeps sound at set up screen license screen, now at the file copy stage the beeps have stopped
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