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  1. Gigabyte/E6600 xms extreme 2gb blizz 8800GTX 2*raptor water or air
  2. Hi guys, long time no seen Is it to late to have some fun ?
  3. nice score Sho 3440MHz on 1.5V is insane, should be able to go 3.6 on 1.6v ?
  4. yea everything worked before my "operation" lol even the Lt12 in the bios worked so i had multis up to 22
  5. ok ok shall i say ATLEAST it gives me then
  6. It have now Glued some and got fsb to work, dunno how tho but 5*300 gives me 1500MHz
  7. Tried the 3000+, wont boot. Once again Ollie have done it :crash: Time to glue some
  8. Was it a 600MHz CPU? LOL your :filtered: Do you have a barton cpu other than the mobile? Yea Ronnie i have a 3000+ laying around aswell, i will try it, dont think it will post because the multi is locked
  9. Nope tried them all All settings are changeable (spelling) in bios but nothing happends
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