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  1. My ht speeds and ram speeds are at default I'm only using multiplier to oc since my ram isn't optimal for ocing.
  2. Hey guys Im in the process of ocing my 1090t, Ive only been playing around with the multiplyer as my memory probably wouldnt be able to hack it with the increased speeds. I hit a wall of 3.8ghz with the default cpu voltage the mobo states is 1.425. I cannot oc any higher no matter what I set my voltage to. Do you think upgrading my mobo will let me reach atleast 4ghz?. Im running about 45C on full load using prime95. Anything higher than 3.8ghz no matter what the voltage fails prime95 within 20 seconds or so. Heres my setup. Phenom 2 1090t x6 Zalman Cnps9900aLED 4x2GB Super Talent
  3. Ahhh that sucks.. Well I'm in for the next one I remember my team for the competition back in 04 On the pit uber 1337 pwnage with me beast and flew, those were the good days haha.
  4. gahhhh just missed it lol. whens the next one? or maybe pcpit can host one...
  5. good man, starting to show my face on pc forums again just got done upgrading my comp. Any forum challenges going on lately like we used to have? for example ocing and such?
  6. naw bro i havent upgraded my computer in forever. dont really play any games anymore either i just use my comp for school work and lurking in car forums lol.
  7. good good just thought id stop by see how everything was goin with the pit.
  8. heh vista gaming performance blows... cs source stress test 49 fps on 64bit vista and 165 on 32 bit xp pro. everything maxed.
  9. samsung hdd's are X_X over at werk we are constantly getting in dead samsung hard drives wouldnt really recommend one.
  10. <--- eVGA 7800 GT here works great and u will see it work in the competition when it pwnz u hah. evga does in fact replace ur card if u burn it out due to ocing no other place does that... even if u flash it and b0rk it they replace it. Tweaks R Us may be gettin sponsored by u know who very soon i wasnt supposed to say that yet but w/e heh.
  11. hehe thats hilarious. Yeah you know the sad part is i believe someone could do that. You have no idea how many people are that stupid which is more than half the worlds population lol no joke. Intratech i couldnt help notice this heh. QUOTE (Daishi) i cant code though...but its on my list..right above learn klingon and right below get a gf I dont remember saying that :\ heh. was i stoned or something?
  12. flew as long as u got an evga its OK!! step up but did u get an evga?
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