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  1. Saw something like that over at the D-Link website. Doesn't look too outdoor-proof, as that's what I've decided to do to get a better LOS shot at the small house. I have some landscaping objects out in my yard and I've thought I will run a line underground out to one of the more permanent objects and mount that small antenna from D-Link to it. As to answer badbinary's question, there's one at D-Link like that. It showed something like a 5 or 10-mile range? That's unbelievable! With range like that, I'm suprised more people haven't started some type of "give me $$ and I'll give you wir
  2. What's wrong with a little overkill? Now THAT'S what I'm looking for. Didn't even know they had antennas that could do that for networking. Thanks, radio. I think I'll buy me one.
  3. Thanks for the link. It seems that wireless technology hasn't come as far as I need it to. With that article saying, "a Wi-Fi network's theoretical range can exceed 500 feet" in wide open area, I have doubts that it would get through the walls of my home and the walls of the little house. Not to mention the wooden barn being a large obstruction in the way. Guess I'll have to run the lines. Thanks, all.
  4. Unfortunately, no it doesn't. The 'older' computer is laptop with wireless capability. It would be preferable to make it work before trying to lay electricity and line for internet to the little house. But, I'll take it step by step. If I can't make it work without it, then I'll consider that next step.
  5. Got a small question about a project I'm brewing up: I haven't got on the wireless network bandwagon yet, but I'm about to. I own bit of land with my house on it. About 100-200 yards away is my little house that sits near my pond that I go fishing/host parties/etc at. I'm going to be setting up an older computer down there in that little house so I can access the internet during times down there. Inbetween my primary home and the small house is a wood barn. Now, the question: what will get me wireless access out there? What wireless router setup will get me that 100-200 yards
  6. What? You don't believe that FSB speed? Forget phase-change and LNG....that CPU is running with only a hamster turning the fan.
  7. Ha! Think you got a bad system? That's a wannabe compared to mine.
  8. I've just started being active once again. In the past, I've reformatted so many times that I forgot to put [email protected] back on. Now that I'm done fooling around with my comp (hopefully), it should put some points on the board.
  9. Yes, there is something you can do with it. Learn BASIC language. How much would it sell for??? I doubt it's a collector's item. Not much, if anything at all. You COULD try to sell it on Ebay and see if a collector is interested in it. Otherwise, you just blew $5.
  10. I should mention there was a disk drive system you could get, but I never saw them....and they did hook up at the ROM cartridge slot. If you go looking for that, I doubt you'll find it. The cassette tape was easier and much, much cheaper to buy.
  11. There is NO hard drive on a color computer. It's all RAM-driven. The only way to save programs is to buy: A tape recorder/player Special cassette tapes designed for data storage A wiring harness to plug into the tape player. As of this time, I don't know if they even sell the wiring harness anymore for the tape player. I believe the TRS-80 Model I, II, III, and IV could use the harness for data storage on cassettes, so you MIGHT be able to find it still. Try your nearest Radio Shack for it.
  12. You do know how to program in basic, right? You have to make program lines and instructions to those lines. Example: 1 Clear 2 Print A 3 A=A+1 4 goto line 2
  13. If you're talking about the cartridge slot, that's a ROM hook-up. Games that were made over the years (like the Atari 2600/5200 consoles, Nintendo and Playstation) had to be either put on cartridges or cassette tapes for the computer to use them. Not a saving device.
  14. Tapes, Bill? You mean like CASSETTE TAPES???? Go to Radio Shack. I think they still sell the 'special' tapes for saving your programs. I still have the users manual to the TRS-80 color computer, I think. The programming manual was destroyed over the years.
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