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  1. Scaramouche: OK, let me know when you have a new version. I'm starting to suspect that the previous version that crashed on me did so because Flash was not installed (I keep a Flash-free system -- at least on the IE/Windows side of things). The "lite" version properly installed Flash and ran effortlessly. When I then tested the "free scan" version, it also ran effortlessly. I know that Flash had not previously been installed -- I check thoroughly for all new additions to the system. Eric L. Howes
  2. Hi All: I've finally been able to do some testing with ZeroSpyware. In short, there is something seriously wrong with ZeroSpyware. For the full details, please see my latest post over at Spyware Warrior: http://spywarewarrior.com/viewtopic.php?p=18442#18442 Questions and comments are always welcome. Best, Eric L. Howes
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