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  1. Ha....so no matter what - I've buggered it up! Sorry to waste your energies on this nerdish pursuit!
  2. Well, I downloaded something that weighed in at 2.8Gb and it took about 36 hours on broadband (256k). In any event, the movie looks really good and I recommend all nerd to rush out and download it - or hand in your strap on pointy ears at your local Nerd-base at your earliest convienience
  3. yeah, the file extension to the file I downloaded is .iso.torrent But, I downloaded it BEFORE I had Bittorrent installed - so now I am worried that in fact I should have downloaded it AFTER I had Bittorrent installed. Any solution that saves me downloading 2.8Gb again would be gold. Otherwise I'll just content myself with the low-res 250MB version until I can muster the will again
  4. Star Wars Revelations is a fan-made movie that is freely available for download. In fact, on their website they want people to report any sales of the movie so that they can get hoards of angry law-talkin folk to chase them around town with pointy sticks. So, my question from the earlier subject stands....
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