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  1. I will be going to the repair shop tomorrow. No mouse, touch pad or touchscreen will work. Not sure what happened.
  2. Am I looking at the right download with 153 MGs?
  3. Actually I tried to Google that worm and got no result. Went to Panda's site and found it.
  4. http://www.pandasoftware.com/virus_info/en...x?idvirus=51815
  5. Joe C, you were helping me in June 2002 when I first came here...you had 138 posts.
  6. I joined in the summer of 2002 and was busy asking questions and learning...never gave the skins any thought.
  7. I see the same thing with XP, never concerned over it either.
  8. Jsue


    I too miss these pinned posts. So sorry to hear this tragic news.
  9. Check Spysweeper, you may have an option to replace anything that was removed by that program.
  10. I'll back you up kd5. It was the good people here that spent days walking me through a clean install of XP after I had a lot of trouble with ME. There are a few people that use ME with no problems...I was not one of them. The only good thing that came from using ME was the fact I had to learn a little about pcs before I went broke trying to keep ME running, system restore being the main problem.
  11. Another candle added. I think we are all feeling helpless here, especially since we know how much volt has helped others. May the good Lord bless you and the family through this terrible time of loss.
  12. Oh my God, I am so sorry to hear this tragic news. Volt, you and your family will be in my prayers.
  13. I've been very happy with Panda Titanium.
  14. Sorry to hear about your wife, volt. Best wishes for her speedy recovery. Here's your chance to spoil that better half rotten!
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