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  1. I will be going to the repair shop tomorrow. No mouse, touch pad or touchscreen will work. Not sure what happened.
  2. Am I looking at the right download with 153 MGs?
  3. Actually I tried to Google that worm and got no result. Went to Panda's site and found it.
  4. http://www.pandasoftware.com/virus_info/en...x?idvirus=51815
  5. I agree also. That goes along with the suggestion chengrob left in an earlier post.
  6. Known as the "Floral Information Superhighway", the Mercury Network is the premier electronic network used by all major wire services in the floriculture industry to process wire orders and messages. The Mercury Network also provides FTD Florists with telemarketing services and PC-based business management applications software. For questions regarding FTD's advertising campaign or any other advertising questions, contact [email protected] or call 1-800-788-9000 and ask for extension 6174.
  7. If running XP or ME, disable system restore before running any of the virus scanners.
  8. Still using the software...finally got an error screen saying modem was not configured properly. I knew that, but the error window would not come up to tell me how to fix it! I'll leave well enough alone. Got rid of the spyware too.
  9. Thanks badbob, I'll give it another go!
  10. Thanks, I have to log in, guess that's where they get you!
  11. Is there any way to set up a DSL connection without running my ISP's spyware loaded software? Running XP Home, one pc, one user.
  12. Happy Birthday, free! Jazzy, which big one are you speaking of? I must have missed it!
  13. Hello LOLA...thanks for the offer. Yes I still have your contact information. If I hit a brick wall, which I'm good at, I may give you a ring or a visit, you never know! Love ya... Jen
  14. Yes, I like his site. I'll get those instructions printed since I've only done this once before. I'm sure you and some others remember that ordeal!
  15. Thanks for the link Jack, I tried it but couldn't get anywhere since I didn't know what I was doing anyway! x5dr...i have a built system, don't mess with that other stuff. Yep, I got friends! cymru...I have a legal copy of XP but it is an upgrade and was loaded on a new system. I called the store and they are giving me a 98CD so I will have something to upgrade from, which is what they had to do to get my XP upgrade on here in the first place. It was not something I thought about at the time. Live and learn, die and forget it all!
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