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  1. Oh the big bad leftists are comeing for you
  2. Why not run your on nation!? Nationstates This little free game will give you the opportunity to run your one nation as you see fit! PS my nation is Irondin
  3. you cant vote in Canada? are you out of the country right now?
  4. Oh I thoght you were a leftist
  5. Left no dout aboot et eh?
  6. last checkup was 2 months ago and I was not thing of how the universe is in a test tube and how I would get people on a PC forum to agree with it
  7. when I see a big alian finger come at the earth all give you a call
  8. does not look like hes brakeing to rules to me
  9. oh lets bomb every thing and I can assear you will get them but for the price of alout of innocents. The war on terrorism is as much a war with Ideas as it is with arms
  10. The lightning may have won but Lecavalier Will pay the price Price
  11. A student in a backwater hick town I cant whete to get out of.
  12. if theres a strike I will be watching WHL (Junior Hockey)
  13. Theirs no excuse for this crap war or no war. Saddam was worse eh? "well that killer killed 10 people the other one killed 20 let the first one go because he was not as bad" thats bull crap the solders doing this shude be tryed for war crimes
  14. I see the futcher of cars in the fuel cell
  15. its 1.00 a liter of regular here (and a liter is only 1/4 of a gallon)
  16. heheheh its first Born here in Canada
  17. MONTREAL MONTREAL ALL THE WAY! despit there down 2 games
  18. Classic rock TV themes Hockey music and video game themes
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