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  1. I only have one thing to say DEATH TO AMERICAN IDOL!!!!!! thank you
  2. lets hope we can keap this up!
  3. oh yes the good old days where you whent blind by browsing the forme
  4. That was without doute the most painful skin I have EEEVVVVEEERRR Seen
  6. (he is an NS Nation) this scares me and Irondin will do all that ic an to stop if from going off here is the Direct link Link
  7. Ya so its so strong it will damage me too (unless were talking about diffrnt H-Bombs
  8. Don't have such an itchy trigger finger now huh? Maybe you want to endorse the one person who won't lead us to war as if you won't compulsory military service? you don't have that big military to just provide for defense. either you're oppressing or planning somthing bigger... i saw that h-bomb threat a few pages ago. Im trying my best to stop it
  9. you know when I started this thread I thought all you guys would be coming to my Regan how wrong I was
  10. hay they might be all old Police men!
  11. Ya well I got Monieyim witch one gram is worlt 4903475782347590258589034750237589034757823478057437053 Moneys
  12. PIZZA!!!!!! PIZZA!!!!! pizzapizzapizzapizza!!!
  13. I would at least check it out its geting good (theres a thret of a 1000 MT nuke going off and Im trying to stop it)
  14. .......... I can't attack no one and take over the world?? you can with the formes if you beat a nation there you get its population and the nation that lost gets deleted
  15. Move to the Mineral Archipelago we need more nations!
  16. Im not worryed I have Anti-Nuke Wepones
  17. Ha! you all talk about how powerful your nations are when Irondin can come in and stomp all over you
  18. well you less than 2 hours old I would recommend you don't but if you do go to the forme and the got to the International Incidents board and post a topic saying you declare war
  19. I ban government intervention in marrage and look what I got
  20. Go into setting and swich it to 2 times a day
  21. Dont feel too bad Ive seen nations with 100% income tax
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