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  1. so I dont have to do those other steps?
  2. all right I hope I got it. What will happen if I get the wrong driver?
  3. all right can do will post a result
  4. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?i...MC7LW4KYPMSZJEE
  5. how would I do that? PS here is what the moniter tells me 106 KHz 129 Hz what ever that meens
  6. my reslaustion is all ready at its lowest and it did not help
  7. when I try try play Civ 3 my monitor will crash and tell me its "out of range" but the weird thing is that I have never had the problem before until today (I have made no monitor chages)
  8. I did not say it was a good look alike
  9. what she failed to say is that she would be have 5 inched soaded Boots on
  10. lets not get out of had peaple!
  11. 16 and as such have no kids (at least I hope not )
  12. "Royal Canadian" uh... Last time I checked Canada was independent of France
  13. I persanly like the smaller resutuin
  14. i guess im dumb beacuse i canT
  15. Damn i guess I need to start checking out thease topics more ofton! (PS Didn't they just meet?)
  16. uhhhhh volt and jazzy are geting marred? when did this happen?!
  17. But you see, that's part of my point...they have to learn it's not fun or a game when they bother things that don't belong to them. A light smack on the hand will teach them it's wrong to do that, and hopefully eventually they'll get the idea and not do it anymore. Sure, when they get older, you can sit down and talk to them, reason with them. But the way I see it, if parents don't discipline their children at some point, they're going to end up running wild. Discipline means different things to different people, I understand that. But discipline is NOT abuse or bullying or "getting aggressive". You always discipline with a loving hand. And SirT, with all due respect, your employees should be old enough to be able to reason with them....you can't do that with little children. Your employees do get discipline, just not the same way. They know if they break the rules, there will still be consequences, be it a verbal warning, a write-up, or unemployment. And yes, it's ok to put things up from children that are harmful to them (for example, cleaning fluids and lighters and matches), but don't put everything up away from them. How will they learn that way? You teach them from the get go, not to bother them. I disasgry i myself have never been disaplined in my life (pysical or otherwise) and im not a bad kid at all (in fact I abhore stuff like partys drinking or smokeing)
  18. im not clameing moral highgrond here im would be just #%^*!
  19. if my parients hit me I would hit them back and lose all respect for them.
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