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  1. yep thats 3 topics some one shude make it a sticky
  2. I have to agray with that. I would like the crtc to be removed in its entirety
  3. was he the guy who would got poisoned but the poison did nothing to him?
  4. heheh they have not made a spell checker strong enufe for me
  5. I don't think I entilay trust that article its seems to unbalanced to me BTW im not pro-gun contral
  6. I don't really think so in England its up by a small factor (1.3%) and I don't think it even registers in Japan
  7. What? I don't thinks thats right. maybe in england (but I doubt it) but Definitely not japan.
  8. What exactly is wrong with England and Japan?
  9. The US will not attack those nations because they have high foreign support and a patriotic people that would most likely resist then comply
  10. ah it makes it stick out like a sore thume too me and besides I cant find a skin (or theam) of what I whont
  11. You know what I find so funny about XP skins? no matter what there are or how they look the recycling bin never changes.
  12. Is it just me or is Israel trying its best to cut its self off from the outside world?
  13. number 2 reminds me of the flag in fucherama
  14. hmmm in my school I started to learn about Canadian history in grade 6 and this year we start 20th century history. Grade 11
  15. so did the people of Nagasaki do that? I dont think so
  16. I tryed all the sugestions and they worked! thank you
  17. its lower then that all ready its at 60
  18. its al ready low as it can go
  19. all right all finish defraging and then insall it
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