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  1. Hmmm vary nice I wonder...
  2. looks like a cross betwen Windows XP and Apple OS X I like it.
  3. Hmmm well I guess not Will it be a nice interface or will everything look like its running in DOS? Edit I need AIM and MSN Protocalls
  4. Hmmm well my IM and my Emulatiors and a game called Runescape and my Moive Files but I can lose everything eles
  5. What do I have to do to swich to linux?
  6. thats me! (on a fishing trip) Edit Link removed
  7. yes a populer I know is that MJ12 with the area 51's help cased 9/11
  8. ok no way in hell would the US Gov't ever alow something like that to happnine they would know damn well what would happen if that was proven
  9. he must have been the first one to go bankrupt in that game
  10. convienience store hehehe I bet he got fired for that
  11. I sware its true (but I must say the guy I pulded on did not look like the sharpest tool in the shed )
  12. you know a sad thing? I pased monopoly money as Canadian money when I was in the US some years back
  13. yes the largest economic growth in US history ya he really messed the US
  14. the mutant Ailane sheep!! they can fix everything!!! even the UN!!
  15. oh you just wate till I try to spell something on a 3 grade leavl?
  16. you know your the only one who bugs me about my spelling
  17. China is play russne rouleat with this if there lucky (or the chamber is emtey) the US whont retalaite but if the chamber is loaded...... I dont think I need to eleabrat
  18. Did this happen??? or did you just make it?
  19. its not at the top of my to goto list but its vary high up Japan Isreal Australia
  20. wow it seem like hafe of the US will move if bush wins and hafe will move if Kerry wins. Wow you shrew got some great choices for presidents this term
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