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  1. all right thanks im going to test it out
  2. Is there a way to get the info out of an ISO without burning it?
  3. they never asked for info I justed DLed it
  4. I cant use the Demo I need to get a sereal number before I can use it
  5. it said that this is NOT a demo and something about the Demo comming soon?
  6. I tried doing it the way I burn a CD to anther CD but that did not work.
  7. no I ment SP2 I just used an old Sistome Resotre
  8. XP came with the computer but I have found a way to get rid of it.
  9. I would if SP2 did not criple it
  10. ummm how do I use an ISO file?
  11. ok where can I find it Im ready to Download
  12. 224 of Ram and 1.66 Gh of Prossesing speed
  13. Sorry I cant seem to find any more info sorry.
  14. no custom stuff. the number is L7VMM2
  15. hmmmm How might I find out? (sorry If I sound like sound like a gimp)
  16. hmmm ok I have a Labtec Mouse A Cicero Moniter and a E Machines Keyboard.
  17. Well here I go Im going to install Linux all my hard ware is plug and play is that ok?
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