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  1. you should be able to just go System>Administration>Restricted drivers manager. enable it. you'll need your wired connection working to download it. I think thats it. check that the restricted drivers in the software sources are enabled.
  2. Does it know what the prime directive is? http://www.daviddarling.info/Star_Trek_enc..._Star_Trek.html
  3. Oh, I like the part when you ask you computer if it wants to play a game.
  4. I give up. I'm going to the store and buying Vista right now and then a new computer to run it on.
  5. I quit using the PIII and now you have a Athlon64 3000+, and 2.5 GHz Celeron and a 3.2 Ghz Pentium 4, I don't run the Pentium 4 during the day though, its on water cooling and although the cpu stays nice and cool, the radiator pumps out alot of heat. Using Ubuntu 7.10, DreamLinux3.1, and LinuxMint8.04. Lets see if that will keep you in the top 20,
  6. hey, I just put a Pentium 3 866mhz folding under your name, cuz I don't want to give you too much. I feel like you've been toying with me over the last few months. I've only got one machine thats newer than 5 years old, and its all I can do to not go to Fry's and get me a couple of quad cores.
  7. If you install it again, try this tutorial. copy and paste commands into the terminal. takes about a minute depending on how fast you can copy/paste Hint: use the middle mouse to copy and middle mouse again to paste. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FoldingAtHome/fah_install install to the system that way it automatically runs when the system is running, plus you don't have to worry about someone accidentally closing the terminal window that you have your client running in.
  8. Please read http://www.legitreviews.com/article/559/1/
  9. if your running 64bit I think you still need to install the 32bit libraries. sudo apt-get install ia32-libs
  10. Try DreamLinux . http://www.dreamlinux.com.br/ I think its even easier than Ubuntu. Looks alot nicer too. Plus there's a tool to remaster the ISO which you may want to do if your selling many units with the same hardware.
  11. Flying Caveman


    remember to add yourself to the vboxuser group
  12. Hey, I though I replied to this already. Does it open with open office or Movie player?
  13. I believe gstreamer 0.10 conflicts with gsteamer 0.09. (you have to yse one or the other) How are you trying to install it? If you use synaptic package manager, it solves all the conflicts for you.
  14. Yeah, what kind of Cessna we talking about?, I'd take a Cessna Citation II over any Lear. You can compare apples and oranges to, its okay.
  15. Flying Caveman

    Comcast ISP

    But the TV service comes with 150 infomercial and home shopping channels. Oh, and they eventually block all bit torrent traffic, and sites that help you get around it like strongvpn.com So, its worth the $2 /year. I'm jumping on Verison's FIOS as soon as it comes here
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