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  1. Thanks for your quick reply. However I guess things are not going my way since it didn't seem to woek for that. I am hoping that someone can just tell me what kind it is so I can get it and be done with it:) Thanks and please any help from you or anyone is appreciated!!! Andre
  2. Hi! Thanks but there isn't a audio driver listed there.. at least I didn't see one. Can someone point me a little closer? Thanks!
  3. Thanks! I have a zt1185 HP PAVILLION laptop and di a fresh install. This has A retail install of XP Home and no recovery cds so I am doing this from scratch. Everything seems to be ok so far but no sound and does not seem to recognize the soundcard. I can not find the driver and do not even know what type of sound/media driver is in the laptop. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!!
  4. thanks.. but is there a way to actually change the cpu speed to what I want it to be?
  5. Hi!! Got a PIII 1ghz dell c600. It has speedstepping technology but I do not know how to change the speed as it is set at 600mhz. Anyone know how to help me change it? Thanks!!
  6. Thanks for the reply-I tried all 3 and no luck. I turn it on and at the beginning as usual it runs the memory count like it normally does but after that nothing. Any ideas or maybe there is another way? :help:
  7. Hi Silly but I hope someone here can tell me where to get to the bios boot setup in my laptop Armada 1540dm? Thanks in advance
  8. Again mucho thanks for all advice!! The link you left Jacee had a bunch of other links for floppy linux types but since I have no idea what version of linux is good do you have any suggestions? Here again is what I want to use it for: Mainly just a portable internet gateway and maybe for word processing. I have 64 megs onboard and have a wireless g card. Seremina(Beeeutiful name BTW and what does the symbol signify may I ask? ) You offer me a world of help but I am not sure what help I need yet if I can just find a good OS that I can install with floppy. But stay close as I may need your help jts. I do have a desktop with both cd and floppy so maybe you can think of something I can do from there. I am still looking to here from you Theoldgardener and XXeneXX:) Thanks again everyone!!
  9. THANKS ALL FOR THE POSTS_this is really getting good:) to TheOldGardener: I looked at that site but didn't say anything about floppy install(maybe I didn't see it) to xXenXx: how do I do what you suggested?? Thanks again!!! :beer:
  10. OK! It is a laptop and doesn't have usb so I can't add a usb cdrom that way. and I don't have any OS on the drive it just boots to the compaq screen and that is it. AS for what I meant by the FREE OS I was hoping maybe there was a type of Linux that I could install via floppies. As for the post before this one maybe I am gullible for expecting nice people to help me instead of sarcasm like that? Again maybe I am being gullible now? To the other posts thanks for the info as I am wanting to use this laptop mainly as a internet gateway with a wireless card. The battery has great life on it and I don't want to throw it away. Again any ideas will be appreciated
  11. Hi!! :help: I got a used compaq Armada floppy that only came with a floppy on it no cd-rom. This is a pentium(maybe a pII but unsure as drive is wiped and can't yet figure out how to access bios-model is 4131t so if someone knows how to access this I too will be grateful!!) Anyway if you guys know of a type of OS that is FREE and could be installed via the floppy drive instead of cd I again would be very appreciative!!
  12. Thanks for the advice guys ...but no luck yet :help: Please if you have any info to share and feel uncomfortable to post please pm me!!! I am at wits end.. I got this to let my kid use it instead of hogging my desktop(he only 11 and I can't afford to go buy a new one) So please any ideas will be great-Andre
  13. Hi!! I got a Compaq 1540dm Armada laptop at a yard sale. It looks great and it has a good battery etc..but when I power on it goes straight to a screen asking for a password. It is a black screen with a blue box and in the box it asks for the password. The people at the yard sale were selling this for someone who "is no longer with us" so they were not able to help. What do you guys think? Please help or point me in the right direction-Thanks!!
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