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  1. ok, ive uninstalled the old drivers. that didnt work. Im out of ideas here, anyone help?
  2. ive tryed deleting the files manually through the windows explorer, but it wont work.
  3. can someone tell me how do get rid of the sis drivers? i tryed to uninstall, but i get the error message a mentioned before.
  4. it says my system is above the recommended performance. So, there must be a problem.
  5. sorry, where is this system scan?
  6. i cant stop the sistray from running.... i try to uninstall it, and it says: ERROR: No HWKey found! Is there a way i can disable them from running?
  7. you are joking? i just bought this for 65 quid, and i had the ati radeon 9200, which ran call of duty at 1024x800. I bought that card for 35 quid. That cant be true.
  8. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=CMVT0WBCJFCSRJ6R heres my pittest. hope you can help.
  9. cod1, and ill run a pit test now.
  10. Well, this graphics card will run most games, but when it comes to running my favourite game, call of duty, it doesnt run it very well. When i try to run it at a resolution over 800x600, my computer freezes, and i have to restart. I have checked the call of duty website and nothing helps me. Can anyone solve my annoying problem? thanks, Matt.
  11. why is that? is it really worth it? Because i am returning to the store tomorrow, and i should need to know is it worth spending another 25 pounds on it another piece of pc2700 ram, instead of returning the pc2700 and exchanging it for a pc2100 stick?
  12. ok then - at least you have cleared things up. Looks like ill have to return the pc2700 one for a pc2100 one. thanks for your help.
  13. ok so i now know exactly what the problem is. I tried starting my computer with the 256 stick of pc2700 and it wouldnt work, so that is the problem. It works fine with the pc2100, so all i need to know now from you guys is how to change from pc2100 to pc2700. Thats all i need to do. Is there a setting or something?
  14. so is it the graphics card that is to blame? only thing is that it works perfectly with only 1 stick of 256 ram in it, not with two. Is there some setting that i have to change and it will work with the two sticks?
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