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  1. Looking good fire it up and post a 6000.
  2. I am not so sure about that. I don't think I have ever seen you running an AMD.
  3. Also you can shut down alot of the XP bloat ware and make it more like W2000 if you like.
  4. My advice would be to let it or her go. Yes you will think of her, yes you will be sad, it will probably turn to anger and thats ok cause it is all part of greiving your loss. Evenutally you will pull out of it and feel better about yourself and stiop caring and or thinking about her. You didn't do anything wrong so don't get down on yourself. Try to do things and keep yourself occupied and the time will pass faster. As for why she never explained anything to you, well some people are just like that or maybe she didn't have the courage to face up to you as it is not an easy thing to do. I would just let it go, remember it as a learning experience and go forward from here. Soon enough you will stop feeling sorry for yourself and pick up the pieces. You will realize that you have a lot to offer a gal. And yes someday you will meet a new gal and be excited about her. Hopefully through all of this you will gain a better understanding of what you want and expect from a relationship and you will be that much better for the knowledge you have gained. The important thing right now is to re-main true to yourself and do do anything rash without thinking about it for some time. In time your wounds will heal and you will feel good about yourself and the world and yes eventually you will take a chance again with a gal. just about every gal you meet will be different so don't judge the others by this one experience.
  5. I think this tip originated inside of X_C's brain. Sometimes wehn I want a quick shutdown I either hit the sleep button on my keybaord and the computer shuts down in about 1 second. Othertimes I will just yank the plug out. < don't try this if you can't fix a messed up Windows install though.
  6. Great Score X_C, IG can't be far behind.
  7. It is working in Windows because Win XP has the sata driver to access the drive. The Windows CD doesn't have the sata driver and that is why you had to load it when you first installed the drive. Most likely the Win XP install disc will need the driver to recognize the hardware. You can probably find the driver on your motherboard driver disc. Then transfer it to a floppy so you can load it when the Windows setup asks for additional drivers.
  8. Western Digital Downloads Western Digital Download Index
  9. If you have a sata drive you will have to press the F6 button when it asks you to and install the sata drivers from a floppy disc or the win XP install disc will not recognize your sata drive.
  10. Yup putting my nose in your FW06 thread.
  11. Well my usb to usb device is a compaq branded one that came with a tiny cd rom. There is only one application on the cd rom. See link. When I installed it it warned me to disconnect the cable befroe installing. I suppose you could uninstall your software disconnect your device, re-install your software on both computers, then plug the device back in. Or if you want download the compaq software in the link and try it. The file is about 1.5 mb Usb to Usb Link software
  12. Sorry, I have been real busy lately. I'll make a note to locate my software and see what part of it I was using to connect the two. I had to install a program on each of the computers, from there I could open the application on one of the computers and it was similar to Windows explorer, and showed all drives on one screen. From there you could drag files back and forth.
  13. I am not sure but I would guess it would be "2.0 Data link". I'll take a look at my software tonight when I get home if I get chance.
  14. You need a USB networking cable something like this: USB to USB Network cable I have a similar one and have used it and it works fine.
  15. I have done that quite often in Windows XP without problems either, although of course I have only replaced an Nvidia card with and Nvidia card. Most of the Nvidia cards use the same drivers anyway. And you will have to reboot after it detects the new hardware to apply the changes. I have never tried it with an ATI card, but it would probably work the same.
  16. Can you post a pit test? Are you sure you installed all of the device drivers when you reloaded windows? Also make sure all of the bios settings are correct for hardware you have installed such as fsb, memory timings etc.
  17. Most likely you should be able to lower your multi. Does you bios have the ability to adjust your multi? It sounds like it might not, since you haven't been able to find it.
  18. Try a different cd or dvd-rom drive if you have one. I have had issues in the past with certain drives. Once wndows is installed the drives perform fine. You may also want to try a different ide cable on the optical drive.
  19. Big, you need a power plant and a voltage regulator closer to you computer
  20. Migsy you need to enable your second cpu. Your cpu score is about half of what it was. Well with the FW06 coming up maybe you can leave it that way.
  21. One one of My computers I have three Os'es installed. Win XP, Win Vista, Suse 10. Each one is installed on a separate hard drive. My motherboard gives me the option to select the boot device by pressing F8 when posting. When I press F8 is brings up a list of all bootable devices and I simply select the one I want. If I don't press F8 and let it deafult it boots to whatever drive I have selected to boot from in the Bios.
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