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  1. I played 2 nonstop for years. It's so much fun when you've got a bunch of friends on the same server fighting over loot.
  2. Half-Life 2: Deathmatch & Half-Life 2: Lost Coast are NOT the full Half-Life 2.
  3. Too bad it only uses the EDGE network. Otherwise I'd get it.
  4. wolf88

    HALO3 Vid

    It was just a TV advertisement. Halo fans enjoyed it.
  5. An easy way to access it is to go to Start > Run and copy/paste "c:\WINDOWS\system32\oobe\images\title.wma" and click OK. That way you don't have to change any settings and you can save it somewhere else from Windows Media Player from the File menu.
  6. I've broken a few hard drives that way. They can break if they move the slightest bit while spinning. Just because it's external and has extra protection doesn't mean it can be moved around. They're still meant to remain stationary when on. Also, you can't copy files from the iPod to the PC without a 3rd party app.
  7. This will also disable A/V and software firewalls. Not recommended for newbies.
  8. It's not that great. Similar to Doom 3 multiplayer, which nobody liked.
  9. Downloading from Filefront at 150 kb/s, but it keeps dropping to 20-30.
  10. You mean Edit. Otherwise, looks good.
  11. This doesn't make much sense to me. Pretty much everyone has aCD-ROM drive.
  12. Do you have Peerguardian or Protowall running by any chance?
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