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  1. Hi No patches to install, all looks well there. Can this folder be deleted or moved, if so where to. Regards El Tel
  2. Hi Jacee Had a look in "Add Remove" and couldn't find this to Un-Install While these are on my PC these also are not installed, they were before I did a Complete Format and Re-Installed "Windows XP Professional" Downloaded this but have not run it, as I was already doing a complete scan with MalwareBytes. I need to run PCPitStop Scan and Up-Date my "Techexpress" details when all is sorted. PS (Edit) The result of Secunia Scan Regards El Tel
  3. Hi Dunn'a be asking me for details on the Laptop as I'm back at home right now, won't have that information until tomorrow. The operating system I can tell you is "Windows 7" This is a brand new Dell Laptop which I was asked to set up, daft idea but I took the job on knowing that you GR8 Gurus would be able to put me right. Having read the first 20 pages or so of the manual, well up to the point of where it says leave the power supply connect for the first 12Hrs' sorted some 4Hr's left to go; I left instruction to switch off the power supply when the 12Hr's are up, the L
  4. One other thing that now shows on every start up is this Didn't ask for it, don't want it but seem to be stuck with it. Regards El Tel
  5. Hi Tanks for that info Well ever since the last "Windows Up-Date" my PC stalls 3 or 4 times out of 10 start up's. I decided to Restore my PC prior to the last Up-Dates hoping this will put the folder in the right place. Here are those last Up-Dates I think, well they have come back to be Re-Installed. Regards El Tel Edited (Typo Errors)
  6. Hi This folder has appeared from somewhere and google turn up with no results. Regards El Tel
  7. Thanks to all who took part. I can confirm that views did show up in the statistics view when I clicked, signed in to "Geovisite" FREE counter; six showed up from here I can also confirm that no personal details of any type apart from what you can see ie: Untd Kingdom 8, Thailand 1, Brazil 1, Untd States 1 & 5 showed up from elsewhere. Way cool Happy clicking Edit Put the wrong quote link
  8. I'm still clicking every day, even while on holiday. Now you can help me to, I have added a new FREE page counter on my " Windows Live Space " and would appreciate it if some of you could click from there allowing me to test the counter as well.
  9. Hi Juliet Well my PC has been behaving itself for 10 days now many Thanks for all your help Kind Regards El Tel
  10. Hi Juliet All went swimmingly well up to completing these This is set to Auto, but I choose what & when to install. From here on I got into all kinds of trouble I had FireFox but not the latest version. I stopped using it because it wouldn't display my Web Site http://www.picturesinpastels.co.uk/ As I already had FireFox, I opened it up and expected it to auto up-date; it had done in the past... But not this time, an error message came up saying a current FireFox window was open and should close it to proceed. I couldn't find it and it wasn't showing in "Windows Task Manag
  11. Hi Juliet My PC seems to be a whole lot faster now, many many thanks. As for all of these O15, they go back to my "Windows ME days and kinda stuck as in my original HJ log. I'm trying to rack my brain as to why I put them there in the first place. So here is a bit of waffle. It was more likely when I was sniffing around seeing what things was and do. As you can see even PCPitStop got a spot ... It could even have been to bypass cookie handling when I was having trouble accessing these sites. Basically I'm at a loss to the real reason. O15 - Trusted Zone: http://www.classicgolddigi
  12. Hi Juliet No "Safesearch" Installed or found anywhere on my PC All processes killed Error: Unable to interpret <Files> in the current context! Error: Unable to interpret <c:\windows\SYSTEM\mshost.exe> in the current context! ========== REGISTRY ========== Registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\microsoft\active setup\installed components\{6B256A5D-3BD2-8EC1-5CD2-0BBA7CAC3BCA}\ deleted successfully. Registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{6B256A5D-3BD2-8EC1-5CD2-0BBA7CAC3BCA}\ not found. ========== COMMANDS ========== [EMPTYTEMP] Us
  13. Hi Juliet Wow my PC seems fast, switching between Tab and Page Refresh there is no thinking time now... Also one other problem I was going to ask, now appearers to be fixed. That being I no longer have to manually sign in here or any other place I visit, My settings seem to be restored. Way cool... Now for the three possible "Explorer's" Yesterday it was "EXPLORER . EXE on two separate shut downs / Start Ups one with 27.536K & 27,316K of Mem Used. This Start Up "Explorer . EXE 24,552K Mem Used ? Sadly it has not sorted out Outlook Express Address Book I couldn't find th
  14. Hi Juliet I was one step ahead of you there, I had already used Virus Total about that "mswsock32 . dll" thingy out of curiosity All processes killed ========== FILES ========== c:\windows\downloaded program files\WinadX.inf moved successfully. c:\program files\common files\BTLINK moved successfully. c:\windows\downloaded program files\WUInst.inf moved successfully. ========== REGISTRY ========== Registry key hkey_current_user\software\infospace\ not found. Registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\extensions\CmdMapping\{669695BC-A811-4A
  15. Hi Juliet It is hard to say exactly which bits are better. My PC looks to start up better, pages appearer quicker. Something I have observed is in Task Manager immediately after start up & before I start using my PC is I could have three different "Explorers" as it appearers "explorer . exe" "Explorer . EXE 15,428k" & "EXPLORER . exe" the one with the File size is what is running now, I will take a note of the next one after this post and I shut down to which one loads next time? ;****************************************************************************
  16. Hi Juliet Wow that kept me out of trouble, I hope this informaion is more help to you; it reads like the book "War & Peace" I'll attempt the "Outlook Express" when we have sorted the other bits out... http://www.virustotal.com/analisis/9d34769...1274-1251301139 File ntoskrnl.exe received on 2009.08.26 15:38:59 (UTC) Current status: Loading ... queued waiting scanning finished NOT FOUND STOPPED Result: 0/41 (0%) Loading server information... Your file is queued in position: 3. Estimated start time is between 61 and 87 seconds. Do n
  17. Hi Juliet Kind of, but I'm patient No Yes I still have the same PC with no hardware updates. I have had the operating system updated to XP below is a fresh log file. The Windows XP update ended up with "Fat32" with no formating of the hard drive. I am running two 80G hard drive "Master Slave" Now for my problems. 1. I still get various "Port Scan Attacks" mainly "ntoskrnl . exe" 2. Every time I do a search "All Files and Folders" on my PC I get "Windows Premium 2000" tries 4 attempts to install itself from a CD which I don't have or require. 3. Unable to access
  18. Hi... GR8 advice comes to he who waits patiently is approximately 4 years long enough Regards
  19. 'Elaine's SkyDrive' could be a user on your PC Because when I click on the link it takes me straight to my own SkyDive folders.
  20. I was kind of hoping that someone here was going to explain this one for us...
  21. Not a day without a Click, even Christmas day & New Year Day I Thank all that clicked from my "Live Space" page
  22. One thing I've noticed since getting my new "Windows XP" security bolted down... is that my modem syncs faster and consequently my Up-Load & Down-Load lights merrily flash away even before I've managed to log into my account, therefore my firewall is not up and running. My Second Best Tip Ever Is never turn on your means of connecting to the Internet, until your PC is up and running complete with all your security in place first... Then turn on your modem and wait for it to sync...
  23. I click daily from my Plus the other forum I've added it to, now has 8 pages of clicks
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