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  1. Hi... This sure ruffled some feathers... Mainly the "Non Smokers" I was fully expecting that from selfish people.... You "Non "Smokers" have all missed the PLOT. It's about "Freedom Of CHOICE" You want to think yourself lucky that the UK Government haven't or are not plaining to make it LAW that "Non Smokers" have to walk into a number 48 BUS at the tender age of 65, just to save paying you any Pension that you've worked hard for all your life... You would moan then, because your "Choice" has been taken away from you... Now I know a number 48 Bus would more than likely kill me. But that is my "CHOICE" not to walk into one... I don't think so, or it would have been on page one of their 2005 manifesto, now you find out what page its on and just how much it has changed; by them LAYING Politicians... We've tolerated this for three years, now you stand outside with your pint in the cold, wind, rain and snow.This makes me sick, to see old "WAR VETERANS" that fort the like of you, stand outside for a cigarette, who by the way; was given cigarettes by the then Government... Spot on Joe, as it used to be; pubs had a snug, lounge and a "Smoking Room" and many still do. Those that converted to half "Smoking" and half "Non Smoking"... In all the pubs that I've been in that were converted, guess where all the "Non Smokers" were... Because they were not hanging around in the "No Smoking" areas... Boy I'm enjoying this... Another one that has missed the PLOT competely. After a hard days GRAFT, one need the smell of "Smoke" while drinking a nice pint. It sure drowns the smell of swettie feet and arm pits... C you'll never win with me Joe seems to be the only one with common sense. There is not one "Smoker" in this country thats wants to force their smoke onto "Non Smokers", just the "Freedom Of CHOICE" "Public Houses" never closed / shut their doors for good at the rate they are now before the ban came in, so where are the BRAINS behind this load of lost revenue... No no no, not all pubs / clubs; those that want to allow "Smoking" ( Note "Freedom Of Choice" ) or or or are you just worried that you might have to find somewhere else to drink. Now you show me PROOF of any one person that has dropped down dead in a public house due to intense cigarette "SMOKE" inhalation. The vast majority of publican I know, spent a lot of money on air conditioning and "Smoke Purifiers" for the like of "Smokers & Non Smokers". Now perhaps that should be LAW "Smoke Purifiers" for the wingding non smokers... Right Next Edit A couple of typo's
  2. Hi All UK Smokers Did you see the news the other day when Nick Clegg opened up to the country "Your Freedom" Well I just had to get in there, below are the links to my comments so far. I have also put a link to a "Group Discussion" on my site. You are welcome to join in.... http://picturesinpastels.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!9E5B917E82BEA196!481.entry http://picturesinpastels.groups.live.com/discussions/discussion.aspx?id=cns!9AE8C613BD41E!113&pageDir=Last&pageHandle=#end http://www.number10.gov.uk/ http://yourfreedom.hmg.gov.uk/repealing-unnecessary-laws/repeal-and-change-the-smoking-ban So if you know any "Smokers" they ought to have there say on the "Smoking Ban" with enough support the "Smoking Ban" might just get overturned. Heres hoping... You will have to register, but is hassle free. The sites are slow with the volume of traffic so be patient Nick Clegg might regret starting this, but there could be hope for us smokers if we can get as many people to join in. To locate my comments within the links above, hold down the " Ctrl " & press " f " ( Find ) then type in the search box El Tel Regards El Tel Edit Removed Dead Links & Re-Newed The Main Link
  3. Right Thats Its I'm Leaving You... It's No Use Pleading

  4. El Tel


    Hi... This timer still likes MSN & all my family. A GR8 way to keep in touch even if they are off line.
  5. Hi Having spread the word on a couple of forums now, after this was first brought to my attention by a friend from across the pond. One forum I set a poll question, surprisingly not many people had heard of "Flash Cookies"
  6. Everyday I keep clicking from my "Live Space" Woo Hoo
  7. Trust "Bill Gates" with security... Your having a laugh
  8. Hi. I have these two "Short Cut" zip folders with the short cuts un-zipped in each folder on the desk top for the two main user, one is "Admin" & the other is limited. System Restore is activated as I can still manually, but when you run / click on the "Desk Top" icon I get the following error messages These were both run with full admin rights. Regards El Tel
  9. Hi. Thanks for that information, I've downloaded both short cuts to their Lap Top from my home. As I'm going there tomorrow and have another read of what I've got to do and if I need more help, I'll give you a shout...
  10. Hi. Wireless router exchanged and following your last link, all is set up & working fine complete with padlock I would still like to find away for this on "Start Up or Log On" I had a look as though I was going to do a "System Restore" and it is not making its own "Snap Shots". Could I be missing some tick box as "Windows 7" setting are so different to "XP" Regards El Tel
  11. Hi Thanks for that link and it looks like I had worked out which ones to open. On my way round there this morning, I called to pick up another Netgear router from her daughters who is not using it at the moment, along with her "Passphrase". On power downing the modem and connecting this other "Netgear " wireless router which the Lap Top detected and once the passphrase was entered connected to the Internet first time. Conclusion The brand new router could be faulty anyway that is now on its way back to the shop to be exchanged . Hopefully that will sort it... Just a thought, or I can start a new topic... Like with my XP I have "System Restore" scheduled on log on, which only works in Administrative mode. Once that is sorted, I log out and switch to my limited user. As per my instruction for all Lap Top users at my friends, by default and until they get some confidence all users are set to limited & a "Guest Account" for the Grandchildren. I found out that its called "System Protect" in "Windows 7" but I've not managed to get this scheduled on start up, if this is at all possible. Regards El Tel
  12. Hi The wireless Router is "Netgear WPN824v3" and the first thing it done was to update its own software ( And it was Brand New out the Box ) I also located the user manual, I have also found some GR8 walk you through Video Tutorials. though these don't relate to "Windows 7 Home" by the way I've got the padlock showing but I'm locked out when going through the "setting up the router" I note that when you select "Europe" then "WEP" ( for now ) and "Security Encryption (WEP)" as is. I then entered a Passphrase, click on generate. I get 4 keys where they only show one. I left it defaulted to the first one and wrote it down, took a screen shot & copied and pasted it into a .txt file; removed all leading and trailing spaces ( Thinking I'm not got to forget this ) then I click "APPLY" Then "Logged Out" recieving a message Thank you your Router is set up or something. I also chose an different Name ( SSID ) from just Netgear as in the previous 8 attempts I noted on the Lap Top when you look what is available there was "Netgear", "Netgear 1" through to 8 after I changed the SSID I could see this one as well. I then deleted from the Lap Top all but the New SSID This Tutorial in particular does not tally at all with "Windows 7". I don't get "Enter key generated" for some reason in "Windows 7" nor the tick box to let "Windows" do the rest, after you select the router SSID to connect to the Internet. It is at this point I get locked out I have the cable still connected and I can get access the Internet that way, but nothing using "Wireless"... I did say earlier that I was a Prime ID 10 T PC user The error message says something like "See your Administrator" me. Get "Remote Assistance" me, and "Try Test Diagnose problem" with no luck, just an ------ X ----- showing no wireless connection, close window. Regards El Tel
  13. Hi... I should have mentioned this with my last post. I have now un-installed MacAfee and installed Norton. Thanks for the link for the Netgear site, but I must be missing something from there instruction and following an old post from 2007 with this same problem on this forum. Checking out links from that post, this issue has been around long before 2003 . These manufactures still haven't got their heads together and come up with a simple "Plug & Play" option that only asks you for a "Password" and then sorts the rest out for you. Perhaps we will have to wait until 2020 for that but for now I'm pulling out what bit I've got left Regards El Tel
  14. Hi. Happy New Year to everyone This Laptop is connected to a standard UK Virgin Media modem at the moment with two outlet connections, while this is only temporary; until they can get a wireless router out of "Virgin Media" I can't see why not. I did... Please any here must be in layman's terms suitable for a prime ID 10 T user... Regards El Tel
  15. Hi With a .NET account using "Windows Live" space you can access "Skydrive" which will give you 25G of On-Line storage to share or keep private There is also "Google Doc" both a similar, to which I use both and access them from anywhere and they are FREE ( I love that word ) Here is a Google Doc Tour
  16. Hi. I found it top right hand corner, which has now been set to "Bing"... If any one else has been asked to remove / uninstall it you will find, or I did; that you will have to make it your default search provider first, if not; like me you will be unable to remove it as "Remove" is greyed out. Regards El Tel Edit Typo Error
  17. Hi Thanks for that link, made for an interesting read. Post No2 links were far to technical for me especially when it got down to the "Script" bit. Then post No3 he warra bit aggressive ( Glad he is not on this forum ) Tried to take control of that folder with no luck or didn't quite know what I was doing, so before I booted into Safe Mode. As I had already managed to rename the folder. This might just be a workaround that worked for me. What I tried, without going into Safe Mode. I made a "New Folder" and left it with the default folder name as I caught a key and it disappeared. I located this "New Folder" which was in "My Documents" I then moved the folder 441cb5f0af3d8c67a25579c816 into this "New Folder" creating a sub folder, then I moved this "New Folder" containing this pesky sub folder to the "Recycle Bin" where it still is for the time being. Then I did a "Shut Down" and Re-Started my PC and Emptied the Recycle Bin and it has gone and I'm still here well for now... Not saying this is going to work for everybody, but it sure did for me. Regards El Tel
  18. Hi The "Search Enhancement Pack" folder is all sorted. I'm just left with the folder "441cb5f0af3d8c67a25579c816" in my opening post, that gives an error when trying to delete it I've Re-Named the folder "441cb5f0af3d8c67a25579c816 WhatThis" and still get the above error. Regards El Tel
  19. Hi. Did some more research on this and running some "cmd" lines that didn't remove it either and the last resort was to just delete the whole folder which did work. Still can't find this to delete New one Up-Dated This is very misleading for the first time user and should have been explained a bit more. While is looks like to be alright, in fact it found 20 issues and 99 patches that needed to be sorted and these only shown up when and if you pluck up the courage to click on the "Advanced Settings" Deleting the folder doesn't work. An error message says it in use, write protected or something. Regards El Tel
  20. Hi Yes Spot on ... I've been doing some more research, but I am struggling to get my head around all the technical jargon to do with Networking two PC's over one Internet. This lead me to look in "Help & Support" on my PC and there is a "Network Wizard" but until I next visit my friend, I have no idea what questions this is going to throw at me. I haven't clicked on this wizard on my PC, as I don't have a spare PC and it might hang on me waiting for another PC? Regards El Tel
  21. Hi Thanks for clearing that up and at least we now know that when we click on these links we are helping to support this GR8, GR8 forum. Long live PC Pitstop Regards El Tel
  22. Hi Redneck Thanks for these links. I have another question that requires This Laptop is connected to a standard UK Virgin Media modem at the moment with two outlet connections, while this is only temporary; until they can get a wireless router out of "Virgin Media" I can't see why not. I did... ? When this home Laptop is connected to the Internet, her husband can't connect his works Laptop at the same time. I can get them to work one at a time by disconnecting one, but I have to switch the power off to the modem, which indicates this must reset the modem, because if I don't which ever one was on first, blocks the other until I powering down; I hope this make some sense. Now here is the important bit, what ever is suggested; must in no way interfere with the working of the works Laptop and no means of file sharing between works Laptop and the home Laptop. Just the ability to connect to the Internet at the same time if this is at all possible. This is where I feel I'm going to be out of my depth, so please any here must be in layman's terms suitable for a prime ID 10 T user... Regards El Tel
  23. Hi Having just had some valuable from you GR8 Gurus here, I noticed that after doing a "Full Scan" I started to wade through all the "Tips & Suggestion" I note from this page that "Carbonite, MozyHome Free" and "Acronis True Image 11 Home" links look like they are "Affiliate Links" and the latter does not work anyway. More importantly if they are meant as an "Affiliate" link, then I feel this should be clearly stated as so and to whom benefits from it. Regards El Tel
  24. Hi All I could see on the box was Ver 3, still not installed. Have you got the link for us to go off and read... There is only what "Dell" insisted on installing, which turned out to be "MacFee" security suite My kinda language FREE I just that word... I've set the Laptop up so I can gain access from here to save me having to rush round in the event of any help required, I'll be just a phone call away for them. Regards El Tel
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