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  1. Hi I had that on my old PC before it crashed Just in case it asks me, this laptop is 64bit after burning the target tower PC is 32bit, will it make any difference if I change to default download location for IMGBurn on this laptop or just leave it as is; what ever is set? The reason I ask this when I downloaded InfraRecorder, I changed the default location from Program Files (x86) to the plain Program Files folder? Could that be where I was going wrong. Regards El Tel Edit PS I mean when I install it, as it default to a download folder under user El Tel
  2. Hi Thats sounds logical. I thought what the heck, I can't do anymore damage I hit 'c' Which gave me a list to choose from, I saw boot along with loads of other, I typed it in and pressed enter, reply kernel not loaded, as I saw kernel; I typed that in see I'll clutch at any straws. Yes you guessed none worked. So just before I left it, I pressed Re-Start one last time, and this time it booted as far as, top left hand corner 8042809F two Icons at the bottom centre. The left looks like a keyboard next = then they is a man in a circle, about 5 or so seconds later error reading
  3. Hi JackeL As is right now as last post above sitting there waiting for an input. No I see no purple/maroon screen with the new CD I burned. Yet when I use the CD sent by Ubuntu via snail mail it boots up just fine and installs ok but doesn't like the up-date bit over the the Internet, indicating although it is only a 20G hard drive with 512MB of ram, that side seems to be ok... I can live with the fact the CD I have burned could be the problem, as burning CD's is not something I had much luck with, in the past. While the PC is as stated in my last post waiting for an input cou
  4. Hi If I eject the CD I have about 5 seconds, good game, good game to read what it says. After 3 re-boots, I managed to read it, as I'm a slow reader it. It Said press "Esc" which I have managed to do this time and there is a Menu with GNU GRUB version 0.97 (639K lower / 52300K upper memory) In the box Unbuntu, kernel 2.6.15-55-386 this one is highlighted Unbuntu, kernel 2.6.15-55-386 (recovery mode) Unbuntu, kernel 2.6.15-55-386 Unbuntu, kernel 2.6.15-55-386 (recovery mode) Unbuntu, memtest86+ Out the box and below is Use the up & down keys to select which entr
  5. Hi JackeL I have 512MB I have also posted above about the same time as you a link to the last TechExpress having just signed in and dragged the last one relating to the PC before it crashed. Regards El Tel Edit Now JackeL post has gone?
  6. Hi Bruce I signed in to TechExpress and found this to the last one. I hope this give you all the info you need Regards El Tel
  7. Hi Now, now Bruce How am I going to get this information, when I can't seem to interrogate my PC. or did you mean take components out and read some labels My last TechExpress RM1M8WTQGWBS88PP is outdated which was related to the PC before it crashed.
  8. Hi. I'm downloading this new Ubuntu from Ubuntu . com it is overwriting a copy from Ubuntu . co / desktop / get - Ubuntu / download having followed the instruction from the second link and the Burning software ( InfraRecorder which I also downloaded & installed ) I have now burned a CD copy Woo Hoo so far so good... As you can see above something is on the CD with Autorun... Which make a welcome change from all the blank cd's I have from previous attempts years ago. Right now my problems start. Old PC with a secondhand test working hard drive only 20G but h
  9. Hi Spot on, at least we have that straight; reinstating our / your "Freedom Of Choice" Sidewalk = Pavement here Unless the pavement immediately outside your premises are owned by or is part of the property and fenced off, then not even drinks are allowed outside to drink here in the UK. Yet non smokers don't seem to fight for their rights, when a lot of pub in the UK are within yards of a busy road. Carbon Monoxide fumes is far more dangerous that cigarette smoke. And that can categorically be proved. Not by CHOICE Regards El Tel
  10. Hi I mave marked in in bold and enlarged the word Choice Regards El Tel
  11. Hi I can't see where you are coming from, this is far from what smokers are saying. Not one smoker wants to limit a non smoker on his choice of work or where he/she finds their recreation. All we smokers want is the "Freedom Of Choice" Spot on this, it is your "Freedom Of Choice" If you are referring to smokers, why should they be ostracised out in the cold in winter. We want our choice as well and all we are asking for is a separate facility inside so we can enjoy our pint in a well ventilated room away from non smoker. Not true we smokers are for
  12. Hi I couldn't agree more, and admit I have allowed myself to get a little sidetracked. As in my opening topic, with a link to our "Your Freedom" this discussion is about your "Freedom Of Choice" when this Ex Labour Party left us with this draconium "Smoking Ban". Regards El Tel
  13. Hi Your second link, while my heart goes out to her and her family. Pneumonia was the primary cause of her daughter, caught as a child long before the effects of second hand smoke, which no doubt didn't help in later life. Regards El Tel PS And if this passive smoking is such a concern to people worried about "Bar Staff" then the proprietors should make oxygen available to all concerned staff. And I won't give up on my "Freedom Of Choice" until this smoking habit kills me
  14. Hi As your link is dated Feb 11 2008 Where he Said " Banning smoking could actually serve to increase business. " Around us this has not been the case with hundreds of pub closing. And this dated Oct/Nov 1999 "Smoking does not cause lung cancer" I would like to see both get their heads together and come with at least some half truths. Regards El Tel
  15. Hi Just found this on "Smoking Tobacco" Quote "The resulting vapours are then inhaled and the active substances absorbed through the alveoli in the lungs. The active substances trigger chemical reactions in nerve endings which heightens heart rate, memory, alertness, reaction time. Dopamine and later endorphins are released, which are often associated with pleasure. As of 2000, smoking is practised by some 1.22 billion people. Men are more likely to smoke than women, however the gender gap declines with younger age. The poor are more likely to smoke than the wealthy, and people of developi
  16. Hi If they had been, then a Non Smoker somewhere in the world; would have picked up on ( Has Anybody died, smoker or non smoker as a direct result of cigarette smoke inhalation in a pub ) and wrote their little heart out on the net and "Google Bots" trawling the net would surely have pick it up. Never mind "Brain Washing" Government bodies. All you get is comments on passive smoking and I don't believe that like I don't believe in "Global Warming" Edit PS Passive smoking to me, is no more dangerous than a Priest wafting around Incense in a church. Also smoking tobacco of some
  17. Hi And nobody has died in a pub, smoker or none smoker as a direct result on cigarette smoke inhalation. Regards El Tel
  18. Hi I'll restore your freedom Slightly a different thing, but too needs to be addressed. I see no reason why anybody cant drink and drive, as stated they are both legal. As for what the limit of alcohol to breath is also up for debate. Me what ever sensible level that be, that should be as a guideline.Say the limit / guideline was 50 ppm and you don't cause and accident on your way home, then this has to be OK as no damage has been done. On the other hand should you cause an accident on your way home however minor and it is your fault, and for this argument your alcohol level was 60 pp
  19. I have amended my post immediately this was brought to my attention and I opoligise to Wigan for the comment I made. Regards El Tel
  20. Hi So this is your "Freedom Of Choice" Now give us smokers our "Freedom Of Choice" to smoke in a clearly defined indoor smoking area that is well ventilated away from none smokers. Edited Removed bad comments and typo's
  21. Hi No "Smoker" wants to take that away from you, and even if this ban is over turned then may you still have your "Freedom Of Choice" to drink in a "Smoke Free" atmosphere Regards El Tel
  22. Hi Bruce and Joe seemed to have grasp what this topic is all about. "Freedom Of Choice" The rest are all missing the plot... Its about "Freedom Of Choice" the government should not have the right to ban "Smoking" in a pub when it is legal to smoke in public and rake in vast amounts of revenue from tax. This should be left to the owner whether to allow "Smoking" or not. Then you have the "Freedom Of Choice" to enter or not. I've started discusion where you can add your comment "The Dying British Pub" http://picturesinpas...E8C613BD41E!113 Regards El Tel
  23. Hi You have definitely lost the PLOT copy & pasting "Stupid Laws in USA", way of topic and not one of those related to ban "Smoking" This topic is not related to "Stupid Laws" but ones "Freedom Of Choice" as in the topic title. "Passive Smoking" the word "can" was used 6 times, "Smoker" 3 times. The fact that "Smoking" "can" cause "Lung Cancer" is the issue of "Freedom Of Choice" Why should someone be forced to cook food for someone to LAZY to cook for themselves. Exactly it is your "Freedom Of Choice"
  24. Hi What an absolute brilliant idea Bruce ( dam why couldn't I have thought of that ) forward thinking for you ... There speaks a man with conviction and common sense Now would I wish to enter his pub there you go... I've had "Freedom Of Choice"
  25. Hi You are still missing the PLOT... And this was not up for spell checking nor grammar fort = fought ( Combat, or fighting, is purposeful violent conflict intended to establish dominance over the opposition ) as for the rest of that line I will treat it with the contempt it deserves.
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