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  1. Hi Thanks for the help, Team-viewer is up and working as this reply is from "Remote Access" You are a "Star Man" Now to find a place to sort out Skype update from MSN. While I was connected up he Said why don't we try Skype, we used to MSN all the time, but never bothered to Up-Date to Skype. I've got Skype working on my PC, that up-dated with no problem; but when I try it on here It stops with this Can't put a picture in here? Anyway off to find a "Topic Slot" for Help Regards El Tel
  2. Hi ... I've dragged this topic out the past as it just about covers my needs and to give the kind people who have already replied the recognition they deserve. My requirements. That being to access my "Brother In Laws" PC some 40 miles away from the comfort of my home. I have to connect up on a regular basis, even if it is just to allow / block a pop up, find a file. This I've found to be far easier than have him turn up on the doorstep with his tower unit in hand. He would first phone me Saying "Hi Bro, what are you up to right now" ... (The door Bell would ring, I would say, "
  3. Hi Stamford Glad you have it sorted now, as for the shop "Re-selling" good as new. They need excommunicating. Regards El Tel
  4. Hi Have you tried the default password for your existing router, if you haven't change it. Failing that I would try to reset it to the factory default as in page 4 of the manual you supplied, as it could have been changed by the previous owner. Regards El Tel
  5. Hi. Something similar happened to me when a friend had cleaned the laptop while she waited for some updates to finish and had accidentally turned off the Wireless function ie: like in flight mode. Had me scratching my head for sometime. On looking on-line for a (pdf) user manual it's [FN+F2] to bring the Icon back on. Regards El Tel
  6. El Tel

    Virtual KVM

    Hi This deserves bringing out the closet, as I've been using this GR8 program for 4 yrs now. I also like the fact that you can reduce the area in which the mouse jumps from one screen to the next. Regards El Tel
  7. Hi ... Ho no not again I worked this out from the 1st post, he just wanted an Icon like one he was used to in his quick launch bar. Umm ... I just add to the thousands I have categorised in my Favourites As with moving files and Folder, left click just moves them; right click gives you the opportunity to copy them, like a template... Something to work with, but with the URL right click also gives you the chance to make it available off-line. Perhaps it's a left over from the Dial-Up days. Make it available Off-Line and Hang-Up then read it later off-line with a cupp
  8. Hi... Here is how I create a "Desk Top Shortcut from my Browser. Once I've first located it as in the image I shrink it down so I can see some of my desktop. Assume the Image below is anything you want to make a shortcut for. Then I "Right Click and Hold" the Icon that is next to the URL in the Address Bar, while holding down the right mouse button I move it to a empty space anywhere on my "Desktop" then let go of the mouse button and wait for a "Pop Up Window" to appear then select "Create A Shortcut Here" ... From my desktop I "Drag & Drop" to my "Quick Launch Bar"
  9. Hi Had a similar problem myself. The tip I got was, when the window opens up instead of using the Maximise button. Move the window so that the top left is as close as you can get it to the top left corner, then drag out the bottom right hand corner to the bottom right hand corner of the screen as near as you can. Then use the Maximise button to square it all up. Next Hold the "Ctrl" button while you navigate to the "White" X in "Red" box top right and close it. Then "Shut Down" and "Switch On" Regards El Tel Edit Typo
  10. Hi Juliet I have read the posts from that link and note PC2 version does look right while PC1 looks slightly different. So I will let it update the next time I see the notice. Regards El Tel
  11. Hi I bags your old Laptop ... I have 2 PC's sitting next 2 each other and this is how I transfer files between them, along with Dropbox for Remote access. First I set up a Mshome Network on PC1 so I can see it on PC2 when I connect to that Mshome Network see pictures below. I then create a new shared folder on PC1 within that shared folder, which then can be seen on PC2 almost instantly. After locating a folder on PC1 (To be Moved) I hold the right mouse key down while navigating to the network shared folder on PC1 then let go of the right mouse button while it is hovering over the righ
  12. Hi I have two PC's side by side, both with AVG 2012 and both update the virus database daily. One PC1 keeps saying AVG a new free version available and needs to be updated, while the other PC2 has never offered the update. These are the versions on each PC1 & PC2 If it is fake how do I stop the popup notice. Regards El Tel
  13. Hi I am all for progress with programs and operating systems, but the likes of Bill Gates forget the one fundamental thing. It is my PC, not his. ( I do with it as I like, within the law. ) All program writers should keep this in mind and not hog valuable PC resources, to which many are often used a couple of times, and then the user closes that program, moves onto something else, but part of the programs stays in memory just in case. Wrong. All programs should completely remove themselves once closed, flush out memory ready for what ever the user wises to proceed with; remember it his
  14. Hi Y Normally when I see something like that red screen. Panic sets in thinking it's some kind of virus attack and I'm looking to get out as quick as I can, even pulled the plug on 2 occasions when the browser wouldn't close. But this time I hit print screen 1st. I've never clicked on "Go to my home page instead". Assuming that was the virus payload, the bit that does the damage; the lead you into a false sense of security. After reading your reply, clicking more information, I noted that there was the option to report it as "I think this is a safe website" so I did. On the red scr
  15. Hi Just following this thread and when I went to NirSoft link I got this Hence no IEHistoryView Regards El Tel
  16. Hi How Cool is that... Wicked... Thanks for the share Regards El Tel
  17. Hi Tom K I have just been connected up to his PC to check it out. It is now running like a dream. I kind of hoped in way I had trouble again with AVG, but alas it loaded perfectly ok this time. I've noted down your preferences for Anti Virus software and if it goes pear shape again I will consider an alternative. And Thanks for putting my mind at rest with Hijackthis log missing files. Many Many Thanks for all your hard work. Regards El Tel
  18. Hi Tom K The PC is running smoothly... I 'll have a search for a new download for AVG FREE UK version other than from "CNet . com". I can't swear but I have feelings thats where that Registry Tool came from by mistake or bundled up with the download. I Thank you for all your Hard Work and Time. You are a man. Regards El Tel
  19. Hi Tom K Nothing has gone easy on his PC. Sorry you drew the short straw on this. I feel like a lamb sent to slaughter myself The AVG removal tool gave this error "2011-05-12 16:44:22,795 ERROR Wrong application platform. Use corresponding application version for 32bit or 64bit systems" along with A Google search came up with some Download Tools several of them. The second one down worked. Now I think AVG has been removed. I had to manually remove an AVG 10 Folder to a folder on my own PC just in case, but it is off his PC. This is a massive remove log below "Run
  20. Hi Tom K That link worked a treat. I can't seem to get around this AVG licence. Clicking on fix doesn't sort it out either. I did a manual scan to see if that worked. When some 15 Min's into the scan this appeared I have no idea where this came from and my Brother-In-Law was a little vague? It dose show up in add remove programs. When the scan finished I moved to one side to check the results of the scan, then I closed the window. I have not tried to Un-Install AVG again because it refused to when I ran into trouble with ComboFix. Is there a AVG comp
  21. Hi Tom K As before I had an awful job un-installing Combo-Fix it sure doesn't like AVG 2011 Free Version. In the end I had to un-install and then re-install AVG from the original download saved to disk. On re-installing I had some trouble with the Free Licence being not recognised luckily I did a Screen Shot from the first time I installed it, the Licence number had changed mysteriously Um-mm I have no answer for that at all. It plain refused to acknowledge it and I therefore located a new AVG from "CNet Downloads" and tried that with the exact same issue with the new licence number th
  22. Hi Tom K Old Timer worked a dream, I did temporary De-activated AVG. Peace of mind I think. All processes killed ========== PROCESSES ========== ========== REGISTRY ========== Registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Extensions\{C18CB140-0BBB-11D4-8FE8-0088CC102438}\ not found. Registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\CLSID\{C18CB140-0BBB-11D4-8FE8-0088CC102438}\ not found. ========== FILES ========== ========== COMMANDS ========== [EMPTYTEMP] User: Administrator ->Temp folder emptied: 0 bytes User: All Users
  23. Hi Tom K I had trouble posting my previous reply for what ever reason so I came home. I have now ran into the same problem I had while I was at my Sisters with AVG being temporary disabled with this message Hence I've got the script on the desktop, but after it is dropped into Combofix it runs for a short while then disappeared. Regards El Tel
  24. Hi Tom K I didn't make it for the full English Breakfast, something cropped up. Had a bit of trouble disabling AVG, but sorted it. ComboFix 11-05-05.04 - El Tel 06/05/2011 16:02:36.1.3 - x64 Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7601.1.1252.44.1033.18.2815.1645 [GMT 1:00] Running from: c:\users\El Tel\Desktop\ComboFix.exe AV: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011 *Disabled/Updated* {5A2746B1-DEE9-F85A-FBCD-ADB11639C5F0} SP: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011 *Disabled/Updated* {E146A755-F8D3-F7D4-C17D-96C36DBE8F4D} SP: Windows Defender *Disabled/Outdated* {D68DDC3A-831F-4fae-
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