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  1. AH thank you thank you thank you for this! Since enlisting in the military... I have yet to see my home of San Francisco.. its been 2 years. this really hits me hard to see it again. I'm home sick beyond all belief.. hopefully one day .. ill see it again
  2. so eclipse made a social error ? or a blatant mistake?
  3. Why do people keep saying gaffe?
  4. i like that the pit is relatively consistent. usually the same top posters and admins around. same UI too. with everything changing so fast, i like how it is.
  5. I remember sending a few messages... theres none in my sent msgs box though? I also just sent one and have no idea if it actually did send or not since I got no cc in my sent msgs. is it a bug? I still have all my incoming pms
  6. do you do anything like a credit or criminal history check on them before taking them in? I rent a room myself and I would never do anything like this
  7. Linux is itself derived from Unix.... but that's besides the point. He deserves no more credit for Linux applications than Bill Gates deserves credit for Windows apps.
  8. So I guess Bill Gates deserves credit for any application written for Windows?
  9. althought I dont see what Linux or Linus torvalds has to do with it (unless he wrote the software) , good to see a happy ending for your sister
  10. i tried to work with mono on suse..... and it was very very buggy. hopefully this will help bring it up to useable soon
  11. anyone know if the greasemonkey script for firefox still works? it worked for me before... cant remember the name of it though try google?
  12. apparently you're unaware of the entire virtualization concept...
  13. yeah.. what does she know... she only wrote the damn thing
  14. according to the creator... even linux and mac are susceptible to this malware http://theinvisiblethings.blogspot.com/200...-blue-pill.html
  15. that depends on what you opened it with to make it easy goto konsole , login as root, move to whatever director xorg is in (i think etc/x11) type 'kate xorg.conf' it will open it with kate, a graphical word processor
  16. oh well thanks just bought a 1gb Creative zen nano plus for 60 bucks
  17. I'm thinking about buying one of these for work I've limited it down to the m2xx or zen nano I really want to know if either of these have the ability to record songs off the radio. Does anyone know? or am I just dreaming and it's illegal to do?
  18. what do they mean security has been pulled? Theres still plenty of security in vista.. also that "intuitive search stuff" (big deal ) aka WinFS will be a downloadable add-on
  19. i cant get the file keeps giving me a network error
  20. you can say the same for just about every v4 toyota orr honda ricer car We only have American brand cars 1) 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 2) 2005 Ford F150 STX 3) 2001 Ford Mustang
  21. try a format before you go out and buy a new video card
  22. It's called progress... your "old" tv itself is an evolution from black and white tvs I can imagine what you'd say when the color tv came out! "These darn tv stations are upgrading to color! My Black and white is useless! We've been screwed by congress!"
  23. 10 years ago who couldve imagined such things as DRM in videos and music and HDCP Hell people were using Napster! Anyone remember those days? FREEDOM!!!!
  24. do you know what I would have to do to replace the ball bearings on a ford mustang? I know the right front ones are bad I can hear them grinding in my dads truck (dodge ram 1500) he had to replace the entire front wheel assembly when the bearings went costing around 250$ hope I dont have to do that
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