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  1. yay now I can get 16xAA on Tux Racer. The Way It's Meant to be Played
  2. they should charge 80 bucks for it but not put any security measures in it plus call each iso "CRACKED___Linux_SUSE_FLAVOR__KEYGEN.iso" it would take over china in a day
  3. fixed it by installing gnome-session
  4. Ambigious? IceWM is how I login It has a menu option to select WindowManager and it has 2 options Metacity or IceWM. IceWM being selected already since Im on it. But I want metacity back. When I click metacity it gives me what happens in the screenshot e.g. a missing taskbar. There's no right click menu and I dont know how to get the taskbar back
  5. this is what i get when selecting metacity
  6. I tried to install some updates to able to get MonoDevelop on my system. Everything worked at first .. but then I noticed for some reason I lost the file manager. Had to apt install "nautilus" to get it back Restarted the system .. got to the login screen.. Logged in and everything is now blank. I think I lost the Window Manager so I installed IceWM and that's what Im using now How do I get back the default Gnome Window Manager or Compiz or another window manager? Is it metacity? I just found that on the menu and selecting it brings back the old look and feel but...im still missing
  7. pretty sure i had -plugin and -jre installed already but Ill check when im back on the laptop
  8. it doesnt work on any browser but if ur asking which one i want fixed , that'd be iceweasel
  9. yes sun java 5 is already installed it just doesnt run
  10. isnt ubuntu a debian fork? I think it uses debian packages Anyway I still dont having java so if anyone has any tips or anything they think might work im all ears
  11. In debian I dont see this option under the applications menu
  12. tried this and no go same results also I see no sun-java 6 plugin. is it really necessary i have 6 over 7 how do i install ubuntu restricted extras? i'll try googling it thanks all
  13. ok everythings working fine now except for one thing - java jre plugin I often play games over at games.yahoo.com and alot of them need the java plugin I installed it thru synaptic but both epiphany and iceweasel ask for the plugin still. when I click on "Install plugin" thru the browser.. it has one check box for Java Sun JRE but when I click ok to install, it says not available Any ideas?
  14. ok i found some ways on google and added the repos and its working beautifully now! Thx alot!
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