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  1. Screw this. I tried running a virus scan once it booted, now it's starting the same sh% all over again
  2. I put the CD in to try & boot from it, missed the prompt for setup & so it booted normally -- like actually booted, no lock ups. Before i posted i tried the same thing 3 or 4 times & it always crashed, now it just started up Usually at boot though i would hear the fan kick on, & when i noticed it i didn't hear it, i thought there was something wrong with it.
  3. i just tried to open the BIOS, but hit the wrong key so i missed it, & let it start up. I saw the progress bar for windows, but then a blue screen (not like a real BSOD) then it just restarted... However, i don't hear a fan... Sorry, typing this up on one computer as i try to load my laptop. The second boot was a blue screen talking about a physical memory crash (didn't have enough time to read it all). Now i tried to boot in safe mode. I see the list of files opening & then i get the blue screen. I guess at this point i could get the CD to load, but i probab
  4. usually lasts like a minute tops. There are times when it's gotten to the screen saying Windows encountered an error or whatever, how would i like to proceed? I've tried "Start Windows Normally" "Safe Mode" "Safe Mode w/ Networking"..., but they start to load & the computer shuts down.
  5. Hi. I was working on my computer less than 15 minutes ago when all of a sudden my comp locked up & shutdown. I figured it had some critical error & needed to be restarted. Well when i hit the power button, it starts up & just shuts off again. I have 4 different bootable CD's for 4 different operating systems, but none of them take -- i'll put them in & the comp will still shut down. I guess this would be a BIOS problem? Just thought that because i don't even get the operating system that's on ther (Vista) to start :-\ HP Pavilion dv5000, Windows Vista, 100Gig HDD
  6. No, the laptop doesn't have a floppy, but i bit the bullet & installed Ubuntu onto it. Now it boots fine, no more 3F crap, but i'm in such a better mood than before that i don't want to retry Windows on it & see it fail. Having trouble setting up the network at the moment, but i'm sure i can fix it. As for my desktop, i have <b>NO</b> clue whats going on there. After i started having trouble on it i just tried a reinstall of PC Linux 2007, but it said something about restarting, & when i did it, it was starting fresh, no option to install the operating system.
  7. Okay.... so i was able to get my hands on a Windows XP Professional disc after finding my License Key on the bottom of my laptop. When i start it up i get the message: "Press any key to boot from CD." If i hit "any button" the screen sits there with that blinking underscore. If i hit nothing, the periods will blink for a few seconds, then a second one appears & blinks, then a third & so on. Then right at the end of that i get the whole 3F thing again. I mean can i even make a disc that would change my BIOS (assumming that's the problem)?
  8. Yeah i tried both; One disabling the Embedded Wireless & it still wanted a network cable, & also removed the battery & held down the power button. Do you think this is a problem with the BIOS or operating system? At this point i guess i'd be willing to reformat if it would help but if i can't even start the OS... I also don't even have a Windows XP Pro disc. It's the operating system on my laptop & all i have is the product key. Gotta love how companies are saving money by not providing a ' OS disc... EDIT: I also just realized, i was trying to find out my Netwo
  9. Obviously there are values there, i just didn't know if you'd need them or not, if you do, let me know & i'll fill them in.
  10. The only thing related to LAN/Network is the "Network Adapter" Option under Boot Options. Nothing changes when i disable it :-\. EDIT: If i were to post exactly what i see when i start my BIOS, would it be any help? Would you be able to see any possible changes that can be made?
  11. The router was purchased new, & i don't have anything even similar to that in my BIOS.
  12. I tried disabling everything (don't ask why, i wanted to see if anything would happen). So the screen kinda flipped & i shut it off. The next time i tried disabling everything except the HDD, & i get 3F. It doesn't matter which device i leave active, the Network Adapter or my HDD, i still get the same thing. EDIT: The reason i was thinking it was the router is because they're two different computers with two different OS's, & the only common thing is that they are both connected.
  13. No luck. Removed the drive, checked the connection, made sure it was tight & rebooted, still goes to the whole 3F menu. Is there some way i can trick my computer into booting from the HDD, letting it think that it's the network? EDIT: I decided to try a LiveCD of Ubuntu, & i noticed that, first of all, it did boot from the CD. Second, there was an option to boot from the local disk. It looks like it might start, but then i get the 3F heading. I'm trying to load the LiveCD itself now, but to be honest i don't know what help it will do.
  14. Thanks for your help. I've read through them, but i can't do any of their troubleshooting steps. They all require me to actually have access to my operating system. But even if i did, some of the steps cannot be performed in Linux, reinstalling Dell's server files for example. I also don't remember have any of that on either computer before...? That's why i think more & more that this is a problem with my router. Is there a way i can test that to see if it sent info to my computers about the boot? The problems started happening after being directly connected to the router.
  15. So you have any links that would say how to do that? At the moment i have my Cable Modem into a Linksys Router, then to either my Desktop or Laptop, whichever i'm using at the time. I don't know what it means by correct the DHCP or PXE Servers. Not sure how to do that from the prompt it gives me, considering any time i hit a key, it does it's own thing.
  16. Yeah, when i press ESC & all i get is: PXE-EA0: Network boot canceled by keystroke PSE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM. Then the whole process attempts to start again. The "3 [inverted] F" appears & if i press any buttons, it tries to connect again.
  17. Is a reformat even worth a try? It's not the operating systems that is giving me trouble, it's before they even start. I just don't want to reformat, lose all my data, & then it turns out i still have the same problem. EDIT: Everytime i try to search on Google for a solution, i find pages that talk about the errors i have, as errors people get when booting to a network. I never changed any settings on either computer to boot from the network, & never would. There has to be some simple way of just permanently disabling boot from Network...
  18. In the BIOS for my laptop, i have no "Boot Options" to select. All i have is: Main, Security, Advanced, Tools, & Exit. I can edit the Boot Order in Advanced, & i've tried disabling the devices, but same problem. EDIT: Tried removing the battery & everything with no luck.
  19. Can i get to that in a laptop? EDIT: I opened up both bays on my Laptop & there's no button cell visible.
  20. I can't perform a test because i can't even get into the OS.
  21. Laptop: HP Pavilion dv5000, AMD Turion64 Processor, 80 GIG HDD, WinXP Professional, Bios: PhoenixBIOS(?) Desktop: Dell Dimension 2350, Intel Celeron, 30Gig HDD, PC Linux OS 2007, Bios: ?
  22. No, the same thing happens even if the cable is disconnected, it just tells me to check my cables & try again. I went into the Boot Options in the BIOS & it does not give me any options to enable/disable certain boot options. The best i can do is enable/disable the certain devices, not services.
  23. I think there's a problem with my router -- i am now having trouble with my Desktop computer booting also. It is running PC Linux OS 2007 & i can't get that to boot. I am only able to reply in this post because i am using the Live CD & directly connected to the modem. I tried flashing the Linksys WRT54G Router back to factory defaults, but it's still not working. I'm going to try & go to the Linksys site now & check if there's any newer firmwares out. I have never heard of a problem like this before -- the router had encryption & the SSID was not being broadcasted,
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