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  1. Screw this. I tried running a virus scan once it booted, now it's starting the same sh% all over again
  2. I put the CD in to try & boot from it, missed the prompt for setup & so it booted normally -- like actually booted, no lock ups. Before i posted i tried the same thing 3 or 4 times & it always crashed, now it just started up Usually at boot though i would hear the fan kick on, & when i noticed it i didn't hear it, i thought there was something wrong with it.
  3. i just tried to open the BIOS, but hit the wrong key so i missed it, & let it start up. I saw the progress bar for windows, but then a blue screen (not like a real BSOD) then it just restarted... However, i don't hear a fan... Sorry, typing this up on one computer as i try to load my laptop. The second boot was a blue screen talking about a physical memory crash (didn't have enough time to read it all). Now i tried to boot in safe mode. I see the list of files opening & then i get the blue screen. I guess at this point i could get the CD to load, but i probably shouldn't risk it with a dead fan.
  4. usually lasts like a minute tops. There are times when it's gotten to the screen saying Windows encountered an error or whatever, how would i like to proceed? I've tried "Start Windows Normally" "Safe Mode" "Safe Mode w/ Networking"..., but they start to load & the computer shuts down.
  5. Hi. I was working on my computer less than 15 minutes ago when all of a sudden my comp locked up & shutdown. I figured it had some critical error & needed to be restarted. Well when i hit the power button, it starts up & just shuts off again. I have 4 different bootable CD's for 4 different operating systems, but none of them take -- i'll put them in & the comp will still shut down. I guess this would be a BIOS problem? Just thought that because i don't even get the operating system that's on ther (Vista) to start :-\ HP Pavilion dv5000, Windows Vista, 100Gig HDD, 1GB RAM. I don't know where to start to find an answer to this problem. ~Thanks in advance.
  6. No, the laptop doesn't have a floppy, but i bit the bullet & installed Ubuntu onto it. Now it boots fine, no more 3F crap, but i'm in such a better mood than before that i don't want to retry Windows on it & see it fail. Having trouble setting up the network at the moment, but i'm sure i can fix it. As for my desktop, i have <b>NO</b> clue whats going on there. After i started having trouble on it i just tried a reinstall of PC Linux 2007, but it said something about restarting, & when i did it, it was starting fresh, no option to install the operating system. I'm not going to need my computer for school until the end of January so i may just stick to Ubuntu until then. Thanks for everyone's help -- i guess it did have something to do with the OS if a fresh install fixed it. Just wanted to ask to questions for anyone running Ubuntu (or it's "sisters"): Am i doing something wrong when i try to set up the wireless network? I tried clicking the icon, filled in the SSID, WEP Key & everything, but then it won't connect. Just trouble on my end? The second question is: Is there a more media-friendly Linux-Ubuntu Version? I know there are others like Kubuntu, ect. Most of what i use my computer for is Music, TV, Videos & the like, & wondered if Linux had like a "Windows Media Center"-ish OS?
  7. Okay.... so i was able to get my hands on a Windows XP Professional disc after finding my License Key on the bottom of my laptop. When i start it up i get the message: "Press any key to boot from CD." If i hit "any button" the screen sits there with that blinking underscore. If i hit nothing, the periods will blink for a few seconds, then a second one appears & blinks, then a third & so on. Then right at the end of that i get the whole 3F thing again. I mean can i even make a disc that would change my BIOS (assumming that's the problem)?
  8. Yeah i tried both; One disabling the Embedded Wireless & it still wanted a network cable, & also removed the battery & held down the power button. Do you think this is a problem with the BIOS or operating system? At this point i guess i'd be willing to reformat if it would help but if i can't even start the OS... I also don't even have a Windows XP Pro disc. It's the operating system on my laptop & all i have is the product key. Gotta love how companies are saving money by not providing a ' OS disc... EDIT: I also just realized, i was trying to find out my Network Keys to get onto the router from another computer -- when i was looking through my drive to find 'My Documents' (while using one of Linux's LiveCD's) i didn't see any files at all. I know it sounds stupid, but i thought maybe the LiveCD won't access files on the HDD while being run. Could it be that i had some virus that wiped the drive (for the most part) & the only alternative is a network boot?
  9. Obviously there are values there, i just didn't know if you'd need them or not, if you do, let me know & i'll fill them in.
  10. The only thing related to LAN/Network is the "Network Adapter" Option under Boot Options. Nothing changes when i disable it :-\. EDIT: If i were to post exactly what i see when i start my BIOS, would it be any help? Would you be able to see any possible changes that can be made?
  11. The router was purchased new, & i don't have anything even similar to that in my BIOS.
  12. I tried disabling everything (don't ask why, i wanted to see if anything would happen). So the screen kinda flipped & i shut it off. The next time i tried disabling everything except the HDD, & i get 3F. It doesn't matter which device i leave active, the Network Adapter or my HDD, i still get the same thing. EDIT: The reason i was thinking it was the router is because they're two different computers with two different OS's, & the only common thing is that they are both connected.
  13. No luck. Removed the drive, checked the connection, made sure it was tight & rebooted, still goes to the whole 3F menu. Is there some way i can trick my computer into booting from the HDD, letting it think that it's the network? EDIT: I decided to try a LiveCD of Ubuntu, & i noticed that, first of all, it did boot from the CD. Second, there was an option to boot from the local disk. It looks like it might start, but then i get the 3F heading. I'm trying to load the LiveCD itself now, but to be honest i don't know what help it will do.
  14. Thanks for your help. I've read through them, but i can't do any of their troubleshooting steps. They all require me to actually have access to my operating system. But even if i did, some of the steps cannot be performed in Linux, reinstalling Dell's server files for example. I also don't remember have any of that on either computer before...? That's why i think more & more that this is a problem with my router. Is there a way i can test that to see if it sent info to my computers about the boot? The problems started happening after being directly connected to the router.
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