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    AOpen AK79D-400VN nForce 2 dual channel 2x256 PC 3200 Corsair Value Memory @400 MHz AMD Athlon 2600+ Mobile @ 200 x 12.0 @ 1.75 Vcore BFG 6800 GT OC 2x Western Digital 120G 16x DVD-RW Drive Extreme Volcano 12 & 1x120mm & 2x80mm case fans
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  1. I think what you are refering to is the RAM's speed vs. it's timings... CHeck this out: http://www.overclock.net/faqs/26706-info-r...gs-dummies.html IMO G.Skill are slightly underrated relative to other manufacturers which in turn gives them a better capability at higher speeds and since they use a lower voltage also give you more room to push them past their rated speeds. -=Vran=-
  2. Nothing wrong with either of those brands. My first PC build (where I actaully chose the brand of RAM rather than just specify how much) used Corsair. I started using G.Skill on a build where I was really planning on OCing the machine. G.Skill was a relative newcomer at that time (late '04) using the Samsung TCCD chips showing EXTREMELY impressive speeds and timings and ran realtively low voltages compared to the rest as well as a rep from G.Skill was available on the xtremeSystems forums. I think you'll probably get as many different opinions as there are quality brands of RAM out there.
  3. What does ASUS recommend? I've had nothing but good luck with G.Skill. It's a lower voltage RAM that runs extremely well and stable. I just noticed you've been a member since 5/04 and you're just now building your first? Wow. Talk about your late bloomer! -=Vran=-
  4. http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=P9KGFWAVBRWSVMPJ This is the current score from my old gamer, now utility PC built 11/04. It's a 3500 Winchester on an MSI Neo Platinum 2 board /w 2x 512 G.Skill LC, 6800 GT OC (8x AGP) and 4x 160G WD SATA in RAID 0. Now relegated to cruising along pleasantly at 2.5G doing all the more important but less fun stuff PCs can do. Oh.. And a couple o' blinky lights... -=Vran=-
  5. Ahhh... You see now THIS is why you run a network with WSUS installed. No validation to deal with... -=Vran=-
  6. Here's the score for my old (circa '04) used, bruised and tatooed 3500 Winny: http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=VUBP0WLBFPQSELBQ Processor (CPU) 802 Memory (RAM) 937 Video 2D 458 Uncached Disk I/O 412 Total Weighted Score 2709 3500 Winny 6800GT OC SLI: Dual Core: Challenge score: 2251 -=Vran=- PS: You knew I'd come crawling back....
  7. You don't need to be a gamer in order to appreciate a good card. Because of it's lifetime warranty it will negate the need to buy a new one years down the road. -=V=-
  8. I score ~ 5900 in 3D '05 with my card Lifetime warranty too.... -=V=-
  9. I think can still get 2500.... Still lfe in these old bones.... Yep... http://www.pcpitstop.com/techexpress.asp?id=ZQBP0WLBFPQS4T7Q -=V=-
  10. What's a decent Pit score these days? -=V=-
  11. Anybody priced a Cray lately? -=Vran=-
  12. That is the NVRAID utility. Anyhow, short of copying the data over to another drive and reinstalling everyting there is no way to reconfigure a RAID once it's set. I have heard, although I've never tried it, that it is possible to add additional drives to RAID 5 without reconfiguring, but this doesn't apply in your case. -=Vran=-
  13. Hmm... I've never had any problems swapping ports while running RAID 0 on the MSI Neo 2 so I'm not sure what your problem could be as I've never run into it before, but this is the first thought process that comes to mind.... I've only mirrored drives using MS software mirroring under NT/2000/2003 server. In that case the drives sync themselves from time to time rather than on the fly (to save CPU time I assume.) Don't know if they would do this in a a hardware RAID 1 or not. Assuming they DO, and they were syncing when you shut the system down before you moved them from 1/2 to
  14. Right click on the desktop>properties>settings>advanced>Nvidea tab and set it to dual view. -=Vran=-
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