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  1. I just used trendmicro's online spyware scanner and it found 6 pieces of adware and deleted them.
  2. Thanks for the response. I do have ad-aware se and spybot. I updated them and ran them both. Ad-aware se found nothing and spybot found nothing except that during the scan i got a warning saying there was a prob with the spybot include highjacker file and to check the log for an error or something like that. What does that mean? I also ran the macafee online scan and this alos froze when it reached a certain number of files, so did the pc pitstop full system scan. I don't know why. I have a free version of edwido trojan scanner on my pc and that also found nothing. I notice in my add/remove programs there's something called weblink..is that adware? Any more ideas? Thanks.
  3. I did the pc pitstop spyware quick scan and it found nothing but then i did the pc pitstop deep scan and it found 3: 1) Spyware "Claria.Dashbar" found in: key "hkey_local_machine \software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\app management\arpcache\pgate" value "changed" key "hkey_local_machine \software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\app management\arpcache\pgate" value "slowinfocache" 2)Adware "Search Assistant" found in: key "hkey_current_user \software\microsoft\search assistant" value "defaultsearchurl" data "http://websearch.drsnsrch.com/q.cgi?q=" 3)Hijacker "ClearSearch" found in: Folder "C:\WINDOWS\temp\clrsch" It did not remove it so wht should i do? Is this scan accurate?
  4. Ok i jus tried the pc pitstop virus scan. When i tried the quick scan, it scanned and told me I'm clean but when i tried the full system scan it froze when it reached 17,123 files. This happened twice so the scan culd not be completed. Any ideas as to whts going on? Am i still infected with something?
  5. hey i did a scan with adaware and it found nothing on my pc and spywaredoctor then i ran an online spyware scan and it found something called viewpoint media and deleted it. I just did a bitdefnder online scan and it found the following: Virus Detected Trojan.Bat.Ftpdownload.A 1 Trojan.Killapp.30208.A 2 It deleted the files containing these virsues however im a little woried if the files it deleted were important because for the 1st. trojan, the file it deleted was in something called hp/bin terminator .exe and the second file was in system volume restore. The third file it deleted contained the 2nd trojan and that was i think a "win system 32 file".......is it ok that bitdefender delted these files? Or was it a big mistake? Thanks, stranger.
  6. I got my ad-aware se to update, I guess it was just a problem with the internet connection or osmething.
  7. Thanks for the repsonse. My ad-aware se is not updating..anybody having the same problem? It saids that it cannot read the file when i try to update. How do i upgrade the java version?
  8. Hey guys, this morning i saw something on my desktop that wasnt there before its as like a notepad icon and it was called "hs_err_pid1"....When i clicked on it, this is what it said: Unexpected Signal : EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION occurred at PC=0x6D3DD098 Function=JVM_FindSignal+0x1686E Library=C:\PROGRA~1\Java\J2RE14~1.1_0\bin\client\jvm.dll Current Java thread: at java.awt.EventQueue.postEventPrivate(Unknown Source) - locked <107F6A90> (a java.awt.EventQueue) at java.awt.EventQueue.postEvent(Unknown Source) at java.awt.Component.repaint(Unknown Source) at java.awt.Component.repaint(Unknown Source) at tinyHScroll.run(tinyHScroll.java:145) at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) Dynamic libraries: 0x00400000 - 0x00419000 C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe 0x77F50000 - 0x77FF7000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\ntdll.dll 0x77E60000 - 0x77F46000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\kernel32.dll 0x77C10000 - 0x77C63000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvcrt.dll 0x77D40000 - 0x77DCC000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\USER32.dll 0x7E090000 - 0x7E0D1000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\GDI32.dll 0x77DD0000 - 0x77E5D000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\ADVAPI32.dll 0x78000000 - 0x78087000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\RPCRT4.dll 0x70A70000 - 0x70AD4000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\SHLWAPI.dll 0x71700000 - 0x71849000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\SHDOCVW.dll 0x71950000 - 0x71A34000 C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS\x86_Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls_6595b64144ccf1df_6.0.2600.1515_x-ww_7bb98b8a\comctl32.dll 0x773D0000 - 0x77BCA000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\SHELL32.dll 0x77340000 - 0x773CB000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\comctl32.dll 0x771B0000 - 0x772D4000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\ole32.dll 0x5AD70000 - 0x5ADA4000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\uxtheme.dll 0x58000000 - 0x5801E000 C:\Program Files\Verizon Online\Visual IP InSight\IPHook32.dll 0x71500000 - 0x715FD000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\BROWSEUI.dll 0x72430000 - 0x72442000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\browselc.dll 0x75F40000 - 0x75F5F000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\appHelp.dll 0x7C890000 - 0x7C911000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\CLBCATQ.DLL 0x77120000 - 0x771AB000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\OLEAUT32.dll 0x77050000 - 0x77115000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\COMRes.dll 0x77C00000 - 0x77C07000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\VERSION.dll 0x63000000 - 0x63096000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\WININET.dll 0x762C0000 - 0x76348000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\CRYPT32.dll 0x762A0000 - 0x762B0000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSASN1.dll 0x76F90000 - 0x76FA0000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\Secur32.dll 0x76620000 - 0x7666E000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\cscui.dll 0x76600000 - 0x7661B000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\CSCDLL.dll 0x76670000 - 0x76757000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\SETUPAPI.dll 0x10000000 - 0x1000B000 C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader\ActiveX\AcroIEHelper.dll 0x01EB0000 - 0x01F43000 C:\PROGRA~1\SPYWAR~2\tools\iesdsg.dll 0x5EDD0000 - 0x5EDEA000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\olepro32.dll 0x02050000 - 0x020FC000 C:\PROGRA~1\SPYWAR~2\tools\iesdpb.dll 0x1A400000 - 0x1A47A000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\urlmon.dll 0x76170000 - 0x761F8000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\shdoclc.dll 0x74770000 - 0x747FF000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\mlang.dll 0x71AD0000 - 0x71AD8000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\wsock32.dll 0x71AB0000 - 0x71AC5000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\WS2_32.dll 0x71AA0000 - 0x71AA8000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\WS2HELP.dll 0x71A50000 - 0x71A8B000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\mswsock.dll 0x71A90000 - 0x71A98000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\wshtcpip.dll 0x76EE0000 - 0x76F17000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\RASAPI32.DLL 0x76E90000 - 0x76EA1000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\rasman.dll 0x71C20000 - 0x71C6E000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\NETAPI32.dll 0x76EB0000 - 0x76EDB000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\TAPI32.dll 0x76E80000 - 0x76E8D000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\rtutils.dll 0x76B40000 - 0x76B6C000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\WINMM.dll 0x722B0000 - 0x722B5000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\sensapi.dll 0x028B0000 - 0x02AB1000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\msi.dll 0x75E90000 - 0x75F38000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\SXS.DLL 0x75A70000 - 0x75B15000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\USERENV.dll 0x76F20000 - 0x76F45000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\DNSAPI.dll 0x76FB0000 - 0x76FB7000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\winrnr.dll 0x76F60000 - 0x76F8C000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\WLDAP32.dll 0x76FC0000 - 0x76FC5000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\rasadhlp.dll 0x63580000 - 0x63832000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\mshtml.dll 0x746F0000 - 0x74716000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\msimtf.dll 0x74720000 - 0x74764000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\MSCTF.dll 0x76390000 - 0x763AC000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\IMM32.DLL 0x6B700000 - 0x6B790000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\jscript.dll 0x746C0000 - 0x746E7000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\MSLS31.DLL 0x73300000 - 0x73375000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\vbscript.dll 0x03C60000 - 0x03E07000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\macromed\flash\Flash.ocx 0x763B0000 - 0x763F5000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\comdlg32.dll 0x72D20000 - 0x72D29000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\wdmaud.drv 0x72D10000 - 0x72D18000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\msacm32.drv 0x77BE0000 - 0x77BF4000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\MSACM32.dll 0x77BD0000 - 0x77BD7000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\midimap.dll 0x089F0000 - 0x08A37000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\wmpdxm.dll 0x71B20000 - 0x71B31000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\MPR.dll 0x07510000 - 0x07A5D000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\wmp.dll 0x70D00000 - 0x70E91000 C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS\x86_Microsoft.Windows.GdiPlus_6595b64144ccf1df_1.0.2600.1360_x-ww_24a2ed47\gdiplus.dll 0x73BD0000 - 0x73BF0000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\MSVFW32.dll 0x08260000 - 0x08597000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\wmploc.dll 0x66880000 - 0x6688A000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\imgutil.dll 0x74CB0000 - 0x74D1F000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\mshtmled.dll 0x6D820000 - 0x6D82F000 C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.1_02\bin\npjpi141_02.dll 0x6D780000 - 0x6D796000 C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.1_02\bin\jpiexp32.dll 0x6D7C0000 - 0x6D7D4000 C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.1_02\bin\jpishare.dll 0x6D340000 - 0x6D46A000 C:\PROGRA~1\Java\J2RE14~1.1_0\bin\client\jvm.dll 0x6D1E0000 - 0x6D1E7000 C:\PROGRA~1\Java\J2RE14~1.1_0\bin\hpi.dll 0x6D310000 - 0x6D31E000 C:\PROGRA~1\Java\J2RE14~1.1_0\bin\verify.dll 0x6D220000 - 0x6D239000 C:\PROGRA~1\Java\J2RE14~1.1_0\bin\java.dll 0x6D330000 - 0x6D33D000 C:\PROGRA~1\Java\J2RE14~1.1_0\bin\zip.dll 0x6D000000 - 0x6D105000 C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.1_02\bin\awt.dll 0x73000000 - 0x73023000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\WINSPOOL.DRV 0x6D190000 - 0x6D1E0000 C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.1_02\bin\fontmanager.dll 0x51000000 - 0x5104D000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\ddraw.dll 0x73BC0000 - 0x73BC6000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\DCIMAN32.dll 0x5C000000 - 0x5C0C8000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\D3DIM700.DLL 0x6D720000 - 0x6D731000 C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.1_02\bin\jpicom32.dll 0x6D2E0000 - 0x6D2EE000 C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.1_02\bin\net.dll 0x65000000 - 0x65009000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\ddrawex.dll 0x6D140000 - 0x6D162000 C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.1_02\bin\dcpr.dll 0x76C90000 - 0x76CB2000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\imagehlp.dll 0x6D510000 - 0x6D58D000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\DBGHELP.dll 0x76BF0000 - 0x76BFB000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\PSAPI.DLL Local Time = Mon Aug 15 11:58:17 2005 Elapsed Time = 51 # # HotSpot Virtual Machine Error : EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION # Error ID : 4F530E43505002E6 # Please report this error at # http://java.sun.com/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi # # Java VM: Java HotSpot Client VM (1.4.1_02-b06 mixed mode) # What's this about? Is it a virus or osmething or can i just delete from my desktop and forget about it.....Your input is valued, thanks.
  9. It wasn't cookies it found it was real spyware....I just re-did the scan and it found 5 ad-ware and some other stuff, this the general results of the scan: 1 item(s) classified as General 2 item(s) classified as Browser Helper Object 5 item(s) classified as Adware 1 item(s) classified as Browser Hijacker 1 item(s) classified as Peer To Peer These are some of what it found specifically: Clipgenie- HKCU/SOFTWARE/TrayNotifier BHOT_IBISLLC (2items)- HKLM/SYSTEM/Currentcontrolset/Enum/Root/LEGACY_WINTOOLSSVC Delfin media viewer- HKLM/SOFTWARE/Dsi Effective-i Inc- HKCU/Software/microsoft/windows/current version/internet settings/zone map/ranges/range 1/ When U.com (2 items) Sharman Networks Ltd. (2 items)- C:/WINDOWS/avxoscan/bdcore.dll Any thoughts????
  10. Hey guys, i've seen in some of the posts pple here recommending microsoft anti-spyware program...how good is it actually? Does it slow your pc down and use alot of resources? Can it be trusted as much as ad-ware se or spybot? Any reports of crashes? Does it get along well with other programs like the ones i currently run: ad-aware se, spybot, spyware doctor, spyware blaster, edwido security.....?? What about firewalls, if i get a firewall do you know if it well get along with it? Thanks
  11. ok so i'm guessing nobody knows anything about the trendmirco spyware scanner????
  12. Hey i went over to the terndmicro website today and saw that they now offer a free online spyware scan so i tried it and it found 5 things but all my other programs tell me i am clean so my question is how accurate is this terndmicro spyware scan and should i trust what it claims it has detcted on my pc? Anybody else tried this scan? Thanks.
  13. Well, ad-ware se and spybot tells me I am not infected yet panda's online scan said i have 2 infected files and i tried spyware doctor free version and it found 7 infections ad-aware and spybot had missed. I removed them but i do have them in quarentine. May be you could remove the stuff spyware doctor found but leave them in the program's quarentine for awhile and see how your pc runs after that. If all is well and everything seems fine then you can go on to delete the entries in quarentine. If not, then just restore the entries.
  14. I won't mind buying spysweeper either because i loved the job the trial version did on my pc but I already have so much anti-spyware/adware programs on my pc and it seems as if it still isn't enough
  15. I have been using edwido for 3 days now and it says I'm clean as well Hey did i don't remember if you said you use this progrm or not but did you try spyware doctor? I have been using it for about a week and in fact it found some stuff ad-aware se and spybot had missed although it still didn't find the adware entry panda says i have.
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