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  1. I had a similar problem way back with my computer randomly restarting. Turned out it was a bad fan on my video card. It sounds like the motherboard is dead. All of my motherboard's have died recently, and when they did, the computer still turned on. The fans are worked, and the cd drives would open and close. All of the lights came on too. The only thing that didn't work was the display and the beeping. A new motherboard is probably cheaper than a new video card. If you buy the new pci video card and it does work, that means your motherboard still has something broken. You might as well replace the motherbard.
  2. Couldn't find any cables that looked out of place. I'm going to try swapping the psu's sometime tommorrow when I'm done with classes. Thanks for all the advice so far. On another note, I described my problem to a friend, and he was able to guess that my mom's comp was made by hp. He said that at his job he has to call hp alot because of this problem. It was usually a bad transitor on the motherboard.
  3. I pulled the CMOS out, and switched it with this computer's battery. Her computer still wont display, and this one works with her CMOS. So, the monitor is ok, the video card is ok, and the CMOS is ok. I'm guessing that leaves the motherboard, the power supply, and (prob not) memory. Any ideas on what it could be?
  4. I can't see anything, so getting into the menu options won't work. There are no power cables for the video card. The computer is about 2-3 years old, but its an HP, so that may mean something. I pulled the CMOS out yesterday, then realized I had no idea how it went back in. (sits perpendicular to the board.) Where could I buy another CMOS, or is there a way to test the one we have to see if it is that?
  5. About a week ago, my mom complained that her computer wouldn't come out of sleep mode. When we restarted it, the monitor told us it was going into sleep mode, and preceded to do just that. The computer's lights and fans were on, and it was humming, but the monitor was still asleep. I swapped the monitor with my monitor, and it still wouldn't display. I swapped my video card in and it still won't display. It makes no beeps when it starts up. When i unplug a monitor from the computer, the monitor notices the disconnect. I was hoping it was the video card, but this does not seem to be the case, does anyone have any ideas on what this could be or a fix? A new motherboard would be costly and a pain to install.
  6. I hooked my hard drive up to another computer as a secondary drive(hooking it up as the main drive produced some blue screen error). I can see the drive and open almost everything on it, except for my stuff, which is protected. Is there a way to access my files?
  7. The psu was an antec smartpower 350W. And, as if to solidfy my bad luck, it may have taken out something else on my computer, because now when I turn it on with the old supply, all the cd drives, cards, fans, and the hard drive have power, but nothing pops up on the monitor. I'm not sure if something else is dead or not, the only other thing it does differently now is the green light on the front of the case is yellow.
  8. I unplugged it immediately and checked out to see where the smoke was coming from, nothing seemed burned. I removed the new power supply and looked throught the grate and one of the wires had melted. The rest of the computer looked fine, and still runs with the old power supply, for as little amount of time as it did before. Should my computer have worked with the 350 watt supply? The melted wire inside the power supply suggests that maybe the power supply was defective (When I bought it from the store, I think it had been opened before). Normally, I thought the power supply fires your motherboard or processor or something else, not itself.
  9. Ok, things have kinda changed now. After many recommendations that it was probably my power supply from everyone who looked at it, i went to the store to pick up a new one. They only have 350 watts, and my computer currently had a 300 watt. The employee at the store and a computer friend i called on the cell said that the 50 watt difference wasn't a big deal on my computer and the worst case is it wouldn't start. So I hooked it up, turned it on, and my computer started beeping, i turned it off, and there was a small amount of smoke. I looked at it, and i cant see any burnt out parts. Next on the agenda is to replace the power supply and see if i can get it to act like it used to, which would mean nothing vital caused the smoke. Anyone have some good ideas? I cant access my HD cause of the failed XP repair, and the smoking was prob bad. This was most likely a doomed operation as soon as I resolved to fix it myself.
  10. It said it will take 40 minutes to finish repairing the xp installation, and it wont stay on for more than 5 minutes, so I can't access my stuff. But, i went into the bios, and the same thing happened. So, i'm thinking/hoping it could be the power supply.
  11. I tried doing a repair with a windows xp cd, but it doesn't stay on long enough for it to finish, and now i get a safe mode error because i didn't finish setting it up. This hard drive is only a year old, i really hope its not that. Is there any way to access the data if i can no longer get on in safe mode?
  12. Update: When i got back from class, but computer was running, but was effectively dead, the monitor wouldn't turn on like it has been doing for the past day. I restarted, and safe mode was working fine. I came here to see if there were any updates in the thread, and my computer monitor turned off, but my computer acted like it was still running. I tried again, and made it to internet explorer. Tried again, only made it to log in screen. One more time I tried and I didn't even make it that far. Hopefully if i let it sit for a few hours I can get on long enough to recover my projects.
  13. Ok, i did the system restore, but that didn't help. I also could no longer log in safe mode. It kept doing the restart. After letting it sit all night, I tried to start it up normally. I made it to the log in screen, which is further than it usually lets me get, but it restarted while it was loading my personal settings. I tried safe mode and was able to get on now. I can try and get the xp cd by this weekend, but are there any other solutions, or does anyone know what could have caused this?
  14. ok, it gave me this msg: Windows File Protection could not initiate a scan of protected system files. The specific error code is 0x000006ba [The RPC server is unavailable.]. edit: scorp, can i undo a system restore if it doesn't work? I dont know what it affects, but I have a few school projects i''m working on.
  15. I dont need to hit f8, it automatically takes me to an options screen for safe modes. I tried last good configuration, that didn't work. When i type in sfc /scannow and tell it to run, a black window opens and closes very fast. And as for my xp cd, its not handy, but i can get it next time i go home.
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