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  1. I guess you need to learn to rush things a bit more. with regards
  2. I'll rush all I want, MATE. with regards
  3. The first question is a yes/no question and the default response is yes (ie. 'y') so I guess that's where it came from. with regards
  4. Hey umm I installed FahMon tonight at the request of a fellow member (mr chplat) and it says I'm folding under the name 'y' on this machine. From what I can see 'y' has 12,000 odd points and I'm not sure how long I've been folding as this name or if all of those points are from me. Is there any way to get them all back and folding for my name (Champion_Munch)? EDIT: I'm using the text-only console, Windows XP. with regards
  5. I was using Nero 7 to burn music to a DVD+R and all seemed fine until a few minutes into it, I got an error message saying the burn process failed. I saved the log if that is of any use. I took the DVD out and put it back in again, and then the screen froze and I got a BSOD: MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION STOP 0x0000009c (0x00000004, 0x805461f0, 0xb2000000, 0x00070f0f) I have used my DVD burner to burn DVDs before, but I have never once used Nero. Any suggestions? with regards
  6. I would edit out your email address to avoid spammers. Are you using IE6 or 7? If a little yellow strip appears at the top of your browser window you need to click on it and accept the ActiveX control. with regards
  7. I believe he said he was doing it for a class project. with regards
  8. Welcome to The Pit jasrob22. Did you run the free scan? From the looks of it your hard drive could certainly go a defrag - you can do this from Windows itself. Reboot the computer into Safe Mode (tap the F8 key as the machine is starting up) to ensure there is very little activity on the drive. Click on Start, Run and type in dfrg.msc, and from there you can defragment your hard drive(s). You should do this once every few weeks to keep fragmentation low. with regards
  9. Thanks markcynt. I went to his house and he tells me his phone has been making a crackling noise all day - and his internet has only been screwy for the same time. I figure they're possibly related so I told him to ring the phone company. with regards
  10. A mate of mine wants me to drop over at his place in an hour to help him with his computer. He tells me the internet is dropping out every few minutes or so (the light stays green on the modem for a few minutes then goes orange when the internet drops out). Since I have no knowledge whatsoever of teh internets, any troubleshooting tips would be great (or suggestions otherwise as to what could be wrong). He has a Speedtouch 530 modem. with regards
  11. I did not know that, thanks for that clarification. with regards
  12. How can he drive if he's a quadriplegic? with regards
  13. The Earth is warming up, but whether human impact has influenced it significantly is debatable. I honestly don't think we have made too much of an impact. with regards
  14. I'd just like to take a second to thank everyone who has helped me with my troublesome computer, from this thread, this one, and even here way back in May. Big thanks to Caintry who's kept helping the whole way through. So far after a day of usage nothing has gone wrong, and I'm hoping things will stay that way. with regards
  15. Thanks Lou, I went out and bought it and all is good now. with regards
  16. Bump. Any quick replies would be appreciated, as dad wants to go get it in the next couple of hours. with regards
  17. Thanks for the tip Caintry. So the power supply you suggested would have these connectors, even though it doesn't state it... it's just fair to assume PSUs have them? with regards
  18. Tomorrow morning I'm going to go and get a new PSU for my wailing computer (see the other thread) but I've noticed in all the PSU product descriptions none of them mention anything about IDE power connectors - does that mean they don't have any, or it's just assumed that they do? Also most seem to list having SATA power connectors, are they interchangable with IDE connectors? Thanks for any quick replies, I need to get this done before I go to bed tonight. with regards
  19. Could possibly be an issue with the Firewall, I've never used the inbuilt Vista one before though and that's probably unlikely. If it's anything similar to XP's firewall then it stinks and you should get a replacement regardless, there are plenty of options if you are interested. with regards
  20. Does that happen on any other website? How long have you had this issue for? Do you use any HOSTS/IE Blocked List modification software? with regards
  21. Tried cleaning out the internet cache? with regards
  22. No, third party cookies come from advertisements from other websites that are only affiliated with the one you're visiting, they are of no use to you. with regards
  23. I'd allow first party, block third party. If you're concerned just clear out your cookies after every time you're on the internet - I personally find CCleaner to be excellent as it allows you to choose which cookies not to delete. with regards
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