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  1. A couple of people have tried to get me into it, but I just don't find it interesting. with regards
  2. What's the big deal with that game? I don't see what's so fun about stickin' numbers in a box. withr egards
  3. Yeah, I'd hate to live at a university for half the year. Fortunately most near me are only a bus trip away. with regards
  4. Whereabouts are you? Cold leftover pizza and macaroni cheese for lunch, can't ask for much more. with regards
  5. Looks like you'll need to go post a HijackThis log. Head over to this forum and read the pinned topics, then post a log in that forum. with regards
  6. From the few pages I've looked up in the past few minutes it sounds like Spybot will completely remove it. I would try running HijackThis and posting a log in the hijackthis forum just to make sure though. Hijackthis: http://www.spywareinfo.com/~merijn/downloads.html Hijackthis forum: http://pcpitstop.invisionzone.com/index.php?showforum=25 with regards
  7. Try running Spybot Search & Destroy. (check the link in my signature ) with regards
  8. Just tried it out, hardly laggy at all. with regards
  9. Given how crummy AAR is I can't see how it could possibly be worse. with regards
  10. You won't get those ads if you've edited the HOSTS file. with regards
  11. Where have I seen that line recently... with regards
  12. Ahhhhh dejavu again. I swear you have posted that exact same line before duanester. with regards
  13. I steer clear of using any registry cleaner, I've heard of too many bad situtations. If you are going to use one, make sure you make a backup of the registry first. I don't ever use the application cleaner in CCleaner, just stuff in the first tab. I like how it adds itself to the right click menu on the recycle bin. with regards
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