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  1. Update: I reinstalled and it seems to be alright now. Cheers
  2. Cool, worked great for the language problem! Still no good for the spell checking but. Cheers
  3. Hello! I'm having trouble with spell checker in Word 07 - it seems my recent upgrade didn't want to come with those squiggly red and green lines when I make mistakes as well. This is what I find when I try to change the 'proofing' settings: The boxes are both grey'd out and I can't change them. Also, when I try and change the default language from English (US), it just lets me accept another language, but reverts back to US immediately. Any help would be great! Cheers
  4. Ah good to hear from you all again. I've been very busy the last year or two, particularly recently. I've just completed my third year of my science bachelor and should be set to finish up by midway through next year. Juicy stuff? Well that'd be fun to share but there's only so much I'd like to speak about on an open forum. Funny you should mention meteor showers dough, I'm heading out west in a few days' time to catch the Leonid meteor shower. Anyone with a late night to spare and some dark skies should do the same, should be treated to a spectacular event. I have 3.5 months of holidays ahead so it's quite probable I'll hang around, even if only for a little bit. with regards
  5. How is everyone? All the old regulars still here? Bruce and brandon and chopdoc them fab spyware fellos... dough, faith, juliet, teacup? Feels like forever since I helped out on here, must be at least a year or two now. Thought I'd drop back by to say hello again. with regards
  6. Omglag!!!!!zjkzlkjz!!!lkj;jgo;ji:!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D!!! NEW! Z!!!!EPELELINEN !POZELZLELELD! PZEEZEPPELIN OMGZZZSZAOGIJ !!!!! This will more than make up for that horrid idol performance of whole lotta love at the closing ceremony. with regards
  7. Huh? What soundtrack are you talking about. with regards
  8. That's a great album. Did you get the bonus tracks version? Most of the songs they didn't put on the album were just as good. Get yourself a copy of Tommy as well that's really good also. with regards
  9. Given the list of shows you gave us, I think it's safe to say you're qualified to watch any of the dribble they put on TV these days. with regards
  10. Hahahaaaaaaaaahahaha oh el kido you would make me laugh, but that's the same response I have to put up with from most people I work and go to uni with every day. Today's music sucks, there really just aren't many good bands around anymore. Try absolutely anything by Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd. Any of their albums are worth your pennies, most every song is good quality. Unlike today where there'll be 2 hit singles and the rest of the album sucks (not that today's singles aren't terrible either ). with regards
  11. I guess you need to learn to rush things a bit more. with regards
  12. I'll rush all I want, MATE. with regards
  13. The first question is a yes/no question and the default response is yes (ie. 'y') so I guess that's where it came from. with regards
  14. Hey umm I installed FahMon tonight at the request of a fellow member (mr chplat) and it says I'm folding under the name 'y' on this machine. From what I can see 'y' has 12,000 odd points and I'm not sure how long I've been folding as this name or if all of those points are from me. Is there any way to get them all back and folding for my name (Champion_Munch)? EDIT: I'm using the text-only console, Windows XP. with regards
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