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  1. Nevermind... just found out that most programs read it as PC6400 and I also fixed the timings... I think!
  2. I just upgraded my RAM to 2GB of Crucial Ballistix Tracers. They're supposed to be DDR2 8500 but SiSoftware is showing PC6400. Now I know PC6400 runs at 800MHz. When I first installed it, it appeared in my start up as 800MHz. I reset my BIOS settings and it was then rated at 1066MHz, PC8500. Any idea what could be going on there? Also, my main question... RAM timings. I thought they were set to 4-4-4-15 but I'm not quite sure how to read SiSoftware. I have included a screenshot if anyone can help out.
  3. Well it's definitely something in my settings. I have managed to get it to work with 3 sticks of 1GB and at the same time, overclocked my cpu to 2.80GHz. No complaints here!
  4. It is all the same brand stuff. My PSU is an OCZ GameXStream 600W. I'll look into changing the timings.
  5. Wow lot's of posts by me lately. This should be my last request for help for awhile. I just received some new components: new case, PSU, fans and RAM. The RAM is pretty cheap stuff but I'm already using 2GBs of it and so far no issues. So I ordered 2 more GBs. After moving everything over to the new case and sticking in the new RAM, my system wouldn't post. Just a black screen. After taking the RAM out, it came on but had a few issues getting into Windows. I put the RAM back in, wouldn't post. Took one stick out, sort of worked but got stuck in a loop. I mixed and matched the stuff and it seems to be random when it is working and when it isn't. Could this be a problem with the RAM or maybe a RAM slot on my mobo? Could 4GB just be too much for the mobo (shouldn't be)? Any suggestions? Or can anyone recommend some good RAM to upgrade to? Thanks!
  6. So my system began stuttering every now and then a few days ago. It has been getting worse and worse ever since and now I just can't stand it. I just ran Process Explorer and nothing seems to be hogging any resources but every 5 seconds or so the 'Hardware Interrupts' line goes from 0 to 4 and then to 63. When it hits 63 is when the system stutters. Anyoen ever seen something like this before. I've run all my scans such as HJthis, SpyBot, Kaspersky, etc. It did find the Win32.ConHook worm but everything indicates it has been cleaned. Thoughts?
  7. Well I heard from some people that PCVillage is horrible and not to deal with them. I'm looking into some other ones and they seem decent enough. I'll let you guys know how everything goes. Might be a few days before I make the order though.
  8. Hmm... so if I could somehow go with newegg I would be getting it new for not too much more. Interesting.....
  9. Used. But never overclocked. The RAM is two sticks.
  10. Quick question for anyone still reading this... I have an opportunity to get an E6750 and 2GB of OCZ DDR2-800 PC2-6400 for $260. Sounds like a deal to me. All I would need then is a new mobo. Thoughts?
  11. Alright so here's my plan... I'm going to go with an E6550 or E6750 if I can find a decent deal. I was thinking of the E6600 with the ASROCK mobo but it turns out it will only take 2GB of RAM. I know I'll eventually want 4GB. Here is my new problem. My HDD is IDE and I have 2 DVD burners. Most C2D mobos only have one IDE slot meaning I am once again in a bit of trouble. A new SATA drive is roughly $100 right? I think this sets me back again. Shoot.... Unless someone knows of a good C2D board with 2 IDE slots.
  12. Alright. I'll look into that. It sort of sucks being in Canada and not being able to order from newegg. With our dollar the way it is right now that would be great. Hmmm... I wonder if I know anyone that lives down there that I could ship it to..... But you're still saying I should upgrade the CPU first eh?
  13. I figured as much. How fast could I get the E4400 to go? Like what would it be comparable to? E6700? 6500? I was looking at some 6750s on eBay and there seem to be some decent prices.
  14. Thanks for that info on the 8800GT. Now in the meantime, since I don't have a TON of money, what is the best to upgrade first? Should I go CPU, RAM, mobo and then wait to save a bit and do the video card or should I get the 8800GT and then wait and get the rest? I guess it doesn't really matter in the end. If I'm overclocking a E4400, is it possible to get it to the point where it is faster than let's say, a E6850? Or at least roughly the same? And what kind of cooling would I need? I already have a Arctic 7 Pro. How would that do?
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