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  1. I am ordering a new computer in the upcoming months from Dell and I have a choice of XP and Vista. Is Vista any good? I have zero experience with it. Thanks
  2. I'm only asking because my AC broke and my computer has been in an 85 degree room for the past few days and I'm worried about the temps.
  3. Do you think my temps are dangerously bad?
  4. I just did a scan with EVERST and it said my temperatures are 102 degrees F(38 C) for motherboard 108 F(42 C) for CPU 118 F(48 C) for my HDDs Is that bad or is that normal?
  5. Is there anyway I can check on Windows or anything I can download to check?
  6. Will this prevent the power from going out in the room or only protect the computer?
  7. So with a UPS power supply it would be safe? Any links to a fairly cheap one I could buy? I have no idea what to look for.
  8. I wouldn't use the vacuum on this outlet now that the computer is there. Is it safe for just an AC and a computer?
  9. I'm curious because I moved the computer to a different room and it is near the window where I put my AC. I'm afraid to put the AC in the same outlet because the AC uses a lot of power and when I have a vacuum and an AC on the same outlet it trips the circuit breaker. How much power does a computer used compared to a vacuum? Is it safe to put on the same outlet as a computer, monitor, and speakers? I want to know before it starts to get really hot in the summer. I need the AC hooked up ASAP and I'm not sure if it will knock out the power. I don't want to test it because I'm afraid it will
  10. I'm going to try the video drivers today. Is there any chance it could be video codecs I installed a long time back? I installed a codec pack. Would that relate to these problems?
  11. My drivers aren't under add/remove programs. How should I go about uninstalling them?
  12. Duanester, I'm going to try to reinstall the drivers first. Should I uninstall them before reinstalling them? How should I go about uninstalling them if so?
  13. Is the GPU attached to the video card or the motherboard?
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