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  1. You can't connect that monitor to the PS2. But I think you could use the monitor if your pc had a TV card.
  2. I see this as expected "behavior". A guest account can't do much. If I recall correctly, I could not get online with a guest account when I played with it some years ago. (Maybe I didn't try hard enough.) I'm not 100% sure it really is impossible. And I'll leave the explaining part to someone else.
  3. I can't tell a decent GPU from a weak GPU from looking at the names - if it got 512 MB then I just assume it's a good one. I wouldn't recommend watercooling if it is on the expense of a decent hardware. I said "go for liquid cooling if you can". I'm thinking about building a pc myself, and I always wanted watercooling. You say it's difficult to build? I don't know much about this, I just know that I don't like the noise from fans.
  4. Depends if you got the extra $50, and how much you care about noise. Some pc's with traditional air cooling are somewhat quiet, others make a lot of fan noise. Maybe a high quality air cooling makes it quiet enough. Is the extra $50 for liquid cooling well spent money? In my opinion it is, but those $50 could also be used somewhere else. Go for liquid cooling, if you can.
  5. How strange. So it says that when you click on it in the Control Panel. Have you tried Windows safe mode? I think you should run a pit test, it can help with the diagnosis. Click on the yellow "TechExpress help" in the upper left corner.
  6. Perhaps the disc is bad. Tried another one? A DVD/+R disc can only be recorded one time (I think?). Did you write something onto that disc before?
  7. I am about to install a program called Visual IP Trace. Here is a part of the eula that I don't fully understand. I'm not so good at the English language, perhaps I would understand if it was put in a different way. Does this sound a bit questionable? Are they going to monitor me?
  8. Perhaps "rate" was wrong word to use, I mean evaluate. Now it lets me evaluate the music that I just ripped. And I found out why it won't let me rate some music I: Windows Media Player have lost track of where the file is stored. I correct the error, but a bit later WMP have again forgotten where it is stored.
  9. I found something here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mp3 Is the encoder in the music player? If so, I have not much to fear. My hardware is old, but my WMP10 is not that old.
  10. Some types of music is harder to compress without quality loss. I forgot which, but I wonder if it was for music with much bass.
  11. I just found out, WMP10 has 160 kbps as option if I change from mp3 to WAV. I guess WAV and MP3 are equally good(?).
  12. Thanks for the input. Isn't WMP10 good for ripping? I like the WMP GUI. (The GUI is what I dislike with the Creative player.) Win Amp I have heard about, but I have not tried it.
  13. I plan to rip some songs. WMP10 have these rip options (kbps): 128 192 256 320 (Another player (Creative) that I don't actually like, got more bit rate options, including 160 kbps.) I want very good quality, still not waste space. No reason to use 320 if eveb the best human ear can't hear the difference. I don't trust my own ears. What is the bit rate on a music compact disc? My assumption is 192 or 256 kbps is needed for very good quality, and that no one can hear the difference between 256 and 320. What's your opinions?
  14. I used to be able to rate the music (1-5 points). My ratings are gone, and I can't rate it again. The rate option is faded. What can cause this? The file format is MP3. In the player options, I have checked to store the ratings globally.
  15. Just in case you liked Norton. The 2007 edition uses noticeably less resources than 2006. I've had every edition since 2003. I don't remember the change from 2005 to 2006, but I believe they were almost the same. LiveUpdate is still a resource hog, I suggest turning it off and update manually.
  16. Perhaps the system account have no password? Then you can try log in booting to safe mode. Perhaps this works? http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?showtopic=136233
  17. Maybe you need to do a repair install of XP. But a repair install can also cause problems sometimes. When I did it, I had to do a clean install after... Perhaps there is something else you can do, but I have no other ideas.
  18. Sounds like a nifty tip, but I can't test it. Do you have a tip to cause any error messages? But this is a screenshot, will fit in Paint but not very flexible in a simple text editor. Anyway, there is an even better way for doing that... You can take a screenshot of only the active window. ALT + PrintScreen does it. Almost too simple.
  19. What you tried to do was a "repair install" of XP ? I have tried that on my computer, it didn't work out very well. What was wrong (I don't remember what it was) continued to be wrong. I hope you have backed up your important data. Do a full format before you install. Reboot with the XP cd in the cd player. I think the option to format is displayed somewhere in the pre-installation options. If you format and then install xp, everything should be right. Else the cd must be damaged, but then it would probably not let you install in the first place.
  20. Oh I think I remember a little of it. I too experienced the strange threading a long time ago. I think it was possible to toggle it back with the same link that activated it in the first place.
  21. I would like to learn what rss means. Thanks
  22. Strange something is missing, very strange. Is the source a CD or are the install files on a separate hard disk?
  23. Sounds like explorer.exe is missing or not loading as it should. Is explorer.exe listed in your task manager? You tried to reinstall and the installation process failed because files were missing? What is the source? If you are trying to reinstall instead of fixing it, do a format first.
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